Our new drop

This month’s drop is our Marlene Barrette Ring. This exclusive diamond ring is inspired by the glitz and glamour of the golden 1920s in Berlin. its part of the Marlene Collection. Petite, minimalist and yet glamorous. This diamond ring has everything that made the golden 1920s. The ring has soft edges and sets a sign with its boldly cut surface and diamonds. The shaft is curved and unfurled for a comfortable, snug fit. Hence, this diamond ring is a great fit to our Marlene Slider Bracelet or the Marlene Clip Pendant.

Marlene Barrette Ring

Pukka Promise

Handcrafted jewelry that lasts the test of time, looks good and feels good too. Fairly priced jewelry without a compromise on quality. Our handcrafted jewelry ensures the highest levels of integrity, sustainability, and quality across our wholly-owned supply chain. We hope you enjoy our minimalistic jewelry designs inspired by the diversity of our origins: Berlin, Nairobi, and Bombay.

Drop of the Month

Drop of the month

Each month we launch a limited edition jewelry piece that is specially handcrafted to embody Pukka. Each piece is unique and draws inspiration from various events, locations, design concepts, and eras. Despite having various sources of inspiration, one thing you can bank on, with these beauties, is that our signature minimalistic vibe will always be prevalent.