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All our jewelry pieces are responsibly handcrafted by us in our manufactory in Bombay headed by Aalay, without any middlemen. We make sure to use the same preciseness in the manufacturing process for both our silver and our gold jewelry. The result is that every piece of ours is a masterpiece in the eyes of our artisans, and most importantly you. At Pukka Berlin we intentionally merge newest technologies (like 3D printing) and old age jewelry techniques to create a unique aesthetic that is precise yet fluid and natural. Explore our sustainable manufacturing process in detail.

Manufacturing - Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration

Our design inspiration comes from various sources. Our creativity and concept are mainly derived from adventure, history, traveling, tradition culture and nature. An example of adventure and traveling would be our flagship Tembo collection. We came up with the idea during a safari in the Maasai Mara as we saw a heard of Elephants cross a river. Our Jodhpur, Bauhaus, Marlene and Wire collections draw inspiration from history and tradition and our Selene and Theia collections are inspired by Greek mythology. Our Luna collection was also born from traditional interpretations of Moonstones and our Nimbus and Reserve collection are heavily influenced by nature. Sometimes we get inspiration out of nowhere or from customer requests. An example of this would be our Specials collection where we have random individual beauties. We also do Bespoke solutions upon request. For more information, get in touch with us.

Design Process

Once we have an indication of the collection’s inspiration, we sketch the idea on paper. Thereafter, we go into the actual design process. This is done with a CAD (computer aided design). This allows us to draw the piece to scale and to bring the concept to life. We can now virtually make any changes to the piece,  since we can view it in its entirety. We then proceed to print it using a 3D printer so that we can physically touch and see the final piece. This process allows us to minimize waste and more importantly, to have a swift turnaround time from concept to end product. After all, Pukka’s manufacturing process is about fast, fine and fair jewelry.

Manufacturing - Design Process
Manufacturing - How It's Made

How It's Made

Our Pret Line is handcrafted using certified and partly recycled 925 Sterling Silver. The colours rose and yellow are Vermeil-plated using 18k Gold to reach a minimum thickness of 3 microns. This ensures superior durability, prolongs the pieces’ life and creates an enhanced luxurious feel. Our Fine Line, Lab Line and Bridal Line are handmade out of 14k Gold. The Lab Line & Bridal Line also offer the options of 18k Gold and 950 Platin. All our Diamonds in the Fine & Bridal line have a clarity of SI2 and a G to H colour classification. The Lab Line features lab-grown Diamonds in VS | G. The Diamonds and colour stones that we use are sustainably sourced by us in compliance with global best practices. Thereby, our Diamonds and lab-grown Diamonds are cut in-house by our team of artisans. We handle and control the entire value chain from Mine to Market and lab to life. We source our Diamonds, we polish, cut and manufacture all of them in-house. Handling the entire manufacturing process from design, sourcing, production to packaging, gives us the edge on pricing and gives you a guarantee of high quality and fair, ethical and equitable processes. This is why all your purchases come with a one-year warranty for the stones and plating.

Quality Control

Superior quality is one of the founding principles of Pukka. Once a piece is produced, it undergoes stringent quality assurance checks and metrics. We hand check each piece under magnification to see if there are any abnormalities or subtle deformities or errors that might have occurred during manufacturing. If our quality assurance team spots anything, it goes for a secondary examination. If the secondary inspection also notes the same abnormality, then we isolate that particular piece and melt it so that we can reuse the raw material for other production. This is consistent with our Kaizen views of minimizing waste and maximising efficiency. Additionally, we are continuously striving to learn and improve our manufacturing process to ensure we produce the best and to prevent mistakes. We also take your feedback very seriously. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or questions.

Manufacturing - Quality Control
Manufacturing - How It's Made

Our Packaging

At Pukka, we take pride in our packaging and we strive to use sustainable packaging solutions. Our boxes contain zero plastic and use partly recycled materials. Each purchase is bedded in a soft blue velvet pouch that prevents scratches and also keeps the product shiny. All shipments are send using CO2 neutral delivery options like DHL Go Green. The velvet pouch is then wrapped in a decorative paper that is enclosed with a Pukka seal. This then sits in a dainty box and is ready for you. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Every piece is packed with love and care. We are always looking to improve our service levels. In light of this, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please get in touch.

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