Hardware meets elegance - the new Helix collection is here!

Discover filigree pieces of jewelry that bring elegance out of the ordinary.

Did you know that the word "helix" comes from the Greek and means "curved"?

Inspired by the curved shapes of everyday objects such as natural spirals and helixes, we have designed the minimalist Helix collection.

The natural thread types are reflected in the various jewelry pieces, making them look sturdy yet elegant:

The Helix design inspires every generation and turns the head of every jewelry lover!

Fineline Jewelry in 14k Gold

Where does the helix originally come from?

The traditional helix shape makes optimal use of its available space and forms itself like a spiral. The spiral arrangement of such a helix guarantees access from all sides. The behaviour of this structure is also found in the reading and duplication of DNA - an indispensable process of nature.

More and more artists and designers have been tempted by the contour and have incorporated it into their artworks. The trend is now often called "hardware".

Hardware style meets high quality jewelry

In our new Helix collection, classic elegance meets modern natural design that has been used for several decades in nature, art and architecture.

Each piece of jewelry has selected contours and soft transitions that make them unique. At the same time, they stand for freedom and exuberance.

Whether without or with diamonds: The dainty jewelry collection has it all! All pieces are available in rosé, gold and white gold.

A must-have for every fan of elegant accessories!

The Helix jewelry

The entire collection follows one line, making it ideal to wear as a set. In addition to two designs of earrings and three designs of rings, the matching necklace and filigree bangle can be combined together.

handcrafted fineline jewelry in gold