Ikat Jewelry with Colourful Ceramic that lasts

Discover our New Colourful Jewelry with Ikat Pattern

With our colourful Ikat jewelry collection we will start the summer. The extraordinary part of this ceramic jewelry collection is the link between tradition and modern trend – the fusion of Ikat patterns with It-pieces for your Summer. Time to shine!  

The Tradition of the Ikat Pattern

         Precious fabrics with woven Ikat patterns have an extensive tradition. The origin of the complex technology is assumed to be in China. However, nobody knows the exact truth, since the pattern spread rapidly over the Silk Road in Central and Southeast Asia. Fabrics with Ikat patterns are now manufactured in Southeast Asia, India and Japan, Yemen and South and Central America. Above all, in India the silks of Ikat are unbeatable in quality and perfection. As you probably know, our roots are in Berlin, but also in India (who we are). Our jewelry with Ikat patterns is a tribute to India and the country of origin of our director and product designer Aalay.  

With these Flashy Colours you will become an Eye-Catcher! 


colourful summer jewelry with ikat pattern

Our new Ikat jewelry pieces are colourful pieces that will look beautiful especially on tanned skin. The blue and coral coloured jewelry sets beautiful accents to your summer outfit! The patterns are kept in the geometric Ikat pattern and can be found in every piece of this jewelry collection. The collection includes bracelets and wristband, rings, necklaces and earrings. Our Ikat jewelry pieces are made of high quality recycled sterling silver and have a thick 18k vermeil gold plating. What does that mean for your summer holiday? You didn’t buy fashion jewelry where the copper is visible after two showers, but jewelry with which you can jump confidently into the lake Wannsee. Splash!

  A small 2-in-1 tip: The Ikat Bands have the typical Ikat patterns not only outside, but inside, too. They can be worn on the finger or with a gold chain as a pendant. A multifunctional eye-catcher! But that’s not all! All Ikat pendants have been designed so that they can be attached to chains with a clip. This allows them to be attached flexibly to chains or bracelets. The pendants differ mainly in the shape of the pattern and the pendant itself.     Dangerls with ikat patterns A special eye-catcher are also our Ikat Dangler. The shape is minimalist and geometric, but the colours make the jewel look funky at the same time. Discover the colourful Ikat Collection and find your jewel for the summer!