Women support Women: International Women's Day

Fell in love with our Jewelry with lab grown Diamonds

In appreciation of women and International Women's Day, on 8 March, we at Pukka Berlin are launching our new Lab Line Petites collection. It embodies eternal self-love and strength. The elegant and timeless rings, necklaces and earrings are set with diamonds that have been cultivated in the laboratory under climate-neutral conditions. The strength is that they sparkle in exactly the same way as conventional diamonds. Here you can read more about our lab grown diamonds.

Equal Pay Day takes place on a different day every year. In 2022 it falls on 7 March, because the gender pay gap is 18% this year. If you convert the percentage into days, women will work for free for 66 days, this year until 7 March. Gender Pay Gap is not only a top issue in politics, but also in heated debates within society. The problem is not new. A 1982 study looked at the position of executives in America and concluded that women were paid less then too.      

Fine, Fair & Fast

Fair wages, whether for men or women, has been of great importance since the founding of Pukka Berlin. This is also reflected in our factory in India. Fair payments in the production of our jewelry is one of the main pillars of Pukka Berlin. Fun fact: However, we should think about a male quota in the company at our location in Berlin, because 90% of the employees are women. Dear men feel free to apply, we are looking forward to it! To celebrate International Women's Day, we did an interview with Berlin artist Bettina Semmer. She is known for her empowerment in the art industry. Feel free to read through the interview and get an insight into what has shaped her in life and what kind of response she gets to her feminist art!

How long have you been active in the art scene?

Since the end of my studies in 1981.

Until today there are mainly well-known male artists, do you feel that you have a harder time as a woman on the art market?

This was certainly the case in the 1980s in the FRG, and has changed only slightly, which can be proven by figures: between 1994 and 2014, the proportion of women represented at Art Cologne increased from just under 20% to 30%, but the prices for their works are still lower than those of male artists and so are the purchases by museums. The proportion of female rectors at art colleges increased from 5% to 20% in the same period. This year, the Venice Biennale is to feature mostly women! Finally.

"Hexen" (eng. witches), 2019 Acrylic and egg tempera on canvas

How do men react to your artwork? Do you have a reaction that has stayed in your memory?

There are many, both positive and negative. Werner Büttner (a self-taught painter who was in a rivalry with me at the time in 1989): "the worst painter since Mark Tobey." Hahaha - I find scolding just as important as praise. Markus Lüpertz said in 2011 about a series that depicted him and me: "Well painted they are".

How did you come to choose feminism in your art?

It wasn't a decision, it was a given! I had already decided on it before I studied art! However, I can't just pursue political goals in art - it has to be good art above all.

How do you interpret feminism for yourself?

I am for an abolition of patriarchy, reparation or at least recognition of the witch hunts as femicide and a matrifocal world order. Item. Equality and equal rights as well as gendering the language (which is a German problem, in English at least it doesn't exist) are steps on the way. Of course I like men - but keep them in check, they have too much testosterone. ;-)

Did you get feedback that you could positively influence others with your art?

Yes. Once even by a man who had chosen my work with the daughter, the Assisted Painting series, as a model for his art.

Do you constantly implement your feminist resolutions or are there also moments when you let yourself "get down"?

Get down, no. Relax, yes. Sometimes doubts torment every female artist, but that also applies to men. * quoted from the paper of the Deutscher Kulturrat e.V. from April 2016