Ceramic Jewelry: Versatile and Functional


Since the formation of society, we as humans have always pushed towards creating objects of beauty and desire. Thereby, with limited technology, humans, in their ingenuity and resourcefulness used materials around them; clay, mud, sand, water and fire, to create a versatile, almost crystalline substance that is hard, brittle, heat resistant, corrosive resistant and one that can stand the test of time, namely ceramic.

Having a very flexible structure, ceramic, through the ages has been used in numerous ways; sometimes in architecture, sometimes in jewelry, more recently in electronics and medicine. Products made out of ceramic are porous, hard and brittle and therefore traditionally used to make pottery, bricks, tiles, cements, and glass.

Ceramics in Jewelry

At Pukka Berlin, our design philosophy also focuses on how to merge the past with the present in a relevant manner to create something new. Therefore, with its numerous uses, it’s versatile beauty and it’s sustainable durability, we thought it was essential to use ceramic in our pieces.

Bauhaus 65 - YellowFor us when we say relevant, our designs should fit form and function. With today’s fast paced life, jewelry need to be more and more durable, and that’s how we brought ceramic in. Visually similar to enamel, which is made out of glass. However, structurally far stronger, ceramic allows us all of the vibrancy enamel offers without any of the drawbacks.  

Our usage of ceramic in our designs has been particularly focused on collections inspired by the Art Deco and the Bauhaus movement. We intentionally did this, as these periods revolutionized alternative material usage with the intent of function and form (read our Bauhaus blog article for more), a32 Deco ceramic cuff yellow thought process we have adopted while using ceramic in our jewelry. To us, the designs of these movements also stand for a new individuality that stood against the old conformity. Thus, it is key to us to have unique customizable pieces that allow you to be part of the design process to. This idea led to our custom Bauhaus pieces, such as the Bauhaus Custom Square and Bauhaus Custom Round ring.