Chain and Bracelet Guide

Could you imagine a happier moment than receiving a piece of jewelry you’ve been waiting a long time for, putting it on and it just fits like a glove - ready to wear and to show off to everyone? We sure can’t! Therefore, we want to help you find the suitable size for all our jewelry pieces. In our last blog post, we covered the topic on how to measure your ring size at home. Today, it’s all about our chains, bracelets, and cuffs.

1. Chains

For you to be able to stack our chains as creatively as you wish, they come in an adjustable length. Thereby, we make a difference between our Pret Line and our Fine Line. Serpentine Round NecklacePret Line Our Pret Line Chains, made of 18k gold-plated 925 Sterling Silver, can be chosen in two different lengths. Our regular chain, the shorter version, comes in a length of 45 cm (17.5 inch). A longer version can be chosen in 61 cm (24 inch). Both chain lengths are step-less adjustable to shorten them to the length you desire. Most of our Pret Line Chains come with a loose Pendant, giving you the freedom of not only layer different chain sizes but different pendants as well. Layering our Specials Pukka Pendant with our Serpentine Round Necklace, for example, gives you an elegant yet bold look and can therefore work as the center piece of a minimalistic outfit. Since our Bauhaus Custom Ceramic Pendant can be chosen in 22 different colours, it provides the perfect foundation for a playful outfit. Layered with our Marlene Starfish Pendant, you're good to go with any kind of outfit. Fine Line Marika Stack Necklace Our Fine Line Necklaces are made of 14k Gold and are therefore much thinner than our Pret Line Chains. They come in a length of 45 cm and a second hook to reduce their size to roughly 42 to 40 cm. Their delicate and minimalistic optic turns them into a classic for everyday wear or special occasions. Our Medium Round Necklace with Natural Diamonds or its counterpart with Lab-Grown Diamonds (Round Lily Necklace), for example, make the most gorgeous Bridal Accessories, while our Marika Stack Necklace is the perfect daily companion. Here, you can choose out of three different pendants and stack them as you please. If you love a playful yet elegant outfit, don't forget to check out our brand-new Cooper Necklace which is inspired by Jelly. If you desire a bespoke chain for your fine or bridal pieces, feel free to contact us at any time or make a personal appointment with our experts.

Chain Size Guide

2. Bracelets

All our bracelets are one-size and come in an adjustable length. Pret Line Marlene Slider Bracelet All our 18k gold-plated Pret Line Bracelets come in a length of up to 17.5 cm (6.9 inch) with an internal silicon mechanism to adjust it stepless to your wrist. You can layer them on one or both arms as you please. For a bold look, we love to go with our special Ceramic Nazar Bracelet. For a more elegant outfit, make sure to check out our Marlene Slider Bracelet. Tri Lily Tennis Bracelet Fine Line Our 14k Gold Fine Line Bracelets have a length of 17.5 to 14.5 cm (6.9 to 5.7 inch). Similar to our Fine Line Chains, they come with two hooks in order to adjust them according to your wishes. Our classic Bezel Medium Bracelet with one larger or our Tri Bezel Diamond Bracelet with three smaller Natural Diamonds therefore make the most enchanting daily companion. They can be easily combined with our other jewelry pieces. Our beautiful Tennis Bracelets, the Lily Tennis Bracelet and the Tri Lily Tennis Bracelet, with dazzling Lab-Grown Diamonds come in a length of 18.5cm and can perfectly be worn to a sleek black dress.

3. Cuffs and Bangles

Our Cuffs and Bangles can be chosen in different sizes to individually fit your wrist. Here, we don't differentiate between our Fine and Pret Lines. To determine your size, measure your arm wrist by using a band or directly try it on by visiting us at our Store. Depending on how you like it, you can choose to wear your Cuff or Bangle tighter or looser. They can be chosen in the following sizes: S equals 56 cm (22 inch) M equals 66 cm (26 inch) L equals 77 cm (30 inch) XL equals 85 cm (33.5 inch) To create a very elegant look, we love our Antheia Milligrain Cuff from our Fine Line or our Wire Diamond Cuff from our Pret Line. For a sleek and minimalistic everyday piece, you might wanna take a look at our Tembo Cuff which works perfectly for both men and women. For a more playful look, check our out vibrant Jodhpur Bead Cuff.   Bracelet and Cuff Size Guide   Please be aware that our jewelry size guides are intended as an orientation. In case of any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us at