Zodiac Signs Special

Create your zodiac necklace with your zodiac motif and birthstone

Visionary Zodiac Sign Jewelry, healing Birthstone jewelry and powerful Elements. Let us take you on a journey to the mystical world of astrology. Following our Pukka Signature, we created our Zodiac Pendant - and with it our very own interpretation of your personal Star Sign and Birthstone. Curious about what they are?

1. The Zodiac Signs

The stars are believed to have an influence on our personalities, our lives and faiths. The Hindu astrology ‚Jyotish’ is therefore very similar to the Western astrology. Both are based on a skybelt of 360 degrees, which is divided into twelve equal parts of 30 degrees. It is called the Sidereal Zodiac or ‚Nirayana‘ in Hindi. Each one of these parts is associated with a symbolic sign. Since many of these signs are named after animals, they are called Zodiac Signs or ‚Rāśi‘ in Hindi. Each sign is assigned certain characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. People born in the name of a certain sign, are said to possess these characteristics. With the revival of nature, the circle of the Zodiac begins in Spring and with it the first sign - Aries. Below, you’ll discover which Zodiac Sign you have, which main characteristics are associated with them and which Pukka Jewelry Piece perfectly fits them. Aries Indus Zodiac Aries Pendant 21. March - 20. April Hindi: मेष [Meṣa] Main Characteristics: full of energy and courage, open and honest, loves the thrill Pukka Piece: Our bold and powerful Tembo Yin Yang Ring Taurus 21. April - 20. May Hindi: वृषभ [Vṛṣabha] Main Characteristics: solid and headstrong, sensual and reliable, loves the finer things in life Pukka Piece: Our elegant Initial Signet Ring made for eternity. Gemini Serpentine Open Ring yellow - Snake Open Ring 21. May - 21. June Hindi: मिथुन [Mithuna] Main Characteristics: Cheerful and agile, volatile and quickly bored, loves to live in the fast lane Pukka Piece: Our Serpentine Open Ring with its two personalities - edgy and smooth Cancer 22. June - 22. July Hindi: कर्क [Karka] Main Characteristics: Kind and sensitive, cautious and protective, loves to give advice and help loved ones Pukka Piece: Our Iris Bezel Studs with their hard shell and their bright core Leo Indus Zodiac Leo Pendant 23. July - 23. August Hindi: सिंह [Siṃha] Main Characteristics: proud and confident, just and courageous, loves to be in the limelight Pukka Piece: Our Jodhpur Spring Ring - the ultimate Eye-Catcher Virgo 24. August - 23. September Hindi: कन्या [Kanyā] Main Characteristics: Confident and intelligent, wise and well-organized, love to learn new things Pukka Piece: Our Bauhaus Ceramic Bracelet with its clear and geometrical design Libra 24. September - 23. October Hindi: तुला [Tulā] Main Characteristics: Kind and diplomatic, creative and well-groomed, loves harmony and peace Pukka Piece: Our elegant and interconnected Marika Interlock Necklace Scorpio Zodiac Scorpio Pendant 24. October - 22. November Hindi: वृश्चिक [Vṛścika] Main Characteristics: Strong and proud, analytical and individualistic, loves a challenge Pukka Piece: Our individually personalizable Custom Ceramic Disc Earrings Sagittarius 23. November - 21. December Hindi: धनुष [Dhanuṣa] Main Characteristics: Independent and honest, generous and philosophical, loves being free Pukka Piece: Our cloud-inspired and airy Nimbus Round Ring Capricorn 22. December - 20. January Hindi: मकर [Makara] Main Characteristics: Well-considered and realistic, fearless and preserving, loves timeless quality Pukka Piece: Our elegant Chione Tria Bracelet inspired by Icebergs Aquarius 100---Bauhaus-Square-Ring 21. January - 19. February Hindi: कुम्भ [Kumbha] Main Characteristics: Extraordinary and unpredictable, full of ideas and creativity, loves being independent Pukka Piece: Our fully personalizable and playful Bauhaus Custom Square Ring Pisces 20. February - 20. March Hindi: मीन [Mīna] Main Characteristics: Sensitive and vulnerable, intuitive and imaginary, loves helping others Pukka Piece: Our generous and loving Essentials Knotted Heart Necklace

2. The Birthstones

As early as the Middle Ages, specific stones were associated with special properties. With the introduction of the Gregorian calendar and thus the 12 months, each month was not only assigned a certain Star Sign but a powerful Stone as well. This so-called Birthstone was said to support the strengths of its sign. Until today, it is believed that Birthstones provide certain properties and powers to their wearer and are therefore often used as lucky charms. Below is a small overview of the twelve Birthstones and the associated powers assigned to them. In our Zodiac Pendant you can also choose your birthstone in combination with your zodiac sign. January Stone: Garnet, Colour: Deep Red Meaning: Stands fir friendship and purity, faith and courage, sign of peace, health and prosperity February Bufftop Ring Stone: Amethyst, Colour: Purple Meaning: Stands for inner peace and healing, strengthens concentration and creativity If you desire a whole Jewelry Collection of your Birthstone, check out our Cooper Collection. March Stone: Aquamarine, Colour: Clear Blue Meaning: Symbol of love, hope and security, is said to keep away dishonesty and deceit April Stone: Diamond, Colour: Irregularly transparent Meaning: Represents innocence and purity, gives strength and strong self-confidence, sign of eternal love We love glittery Diamonds on our Engagement Rings, which is why we offer you the opportunity to choose between Lab-Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds. May  Stone: Emerald, Colour: Light Green Meaning: Stands for flourishing life and fertility, brings wisdom and patience, ensures balance and harmony June Stone: Pearl, Colour: Multiple Colours Meaning: Stands for modesty, decency and purity, is said to have a calming effect, symbol of loyalty July Jodhpur Evil Eye Pendant Stone: Ruby, Colour: Red Meaning: Stands for power and fearlessness, is said to protect against evil, symbol of love and passion Looking for more Rubys? Discover our Jodhpur Collection. August Stone: Peridot, Colour: Light Green Meaning: Brings self-confidence and physical strength, success and contentment, is said to protect against nightmares September Stone: Sapphire, Colour: Dark Blue Meaning: Stands for wisdom and purity, is said to reduce stress, hatred and envy, sign of heaven, love and loyalty More Sapphires can be found in our Jodhpur Collection.Jodhpur Open Bar Ring & Jodhpur Open Ruby Ring October Stone: Tourmaline, Colour: Pink Meaning: Stands for helpfulness and sense of beauty, gives strength to overcome fears and nightmares, symbol of peace and hope, unconditional love and infinite peace November Stone: Citrine, Colour: Yellow Meaning: Brings courage, prosperity and cheerfulness, promotes energy and concentration, is said to have calming effects December Stone: Tanzanite, Colour: Blue Meaning: Brings courage, stamina and assertiveness, is said to ensure well-being and to counteract physical ailments Now that you know all about your Zodiac Sign and your Birthstone, have fun creating your very own lucky charm - your Pukka Zodiac Pendant! And in case you want your custom made zodiac sign jewelry or birthstone jewelry piece, just book a free appointment with us to create your unique piece.