Our Design Concept

Minimalist and funky jewelry design

We come from three different parts of the World, three different continents, three different cultures, but yet we share a similar design concept and ideas about sustainability and transparency and that is what creates our unique style. Learn more about the Pukka Berlin design concept. Minimal but modern, sustainable but funky

Minimalism and Cultural Diversity

Pukka Berlin is the fusion of three different cultures unified by a similar design idea. We want to create and celebrate modern minimalistic, unique shapes that make you feel and understand our glocal origins. What do we mean by glocal? We are taking global considerations and are tailoring them to local cultures and ideas. Evident in our name, Berlin is one of the cities that inspire us. Pure elegance and dynamic vibrance is key to us. You'll find this design language especially in our Nimbus Collection as well as Essential Collection. This is combined with the vast nature, majestic wildlife, and untamed opportunity of Nairobi and the rich history and colourful tradition of Bombay. Check out our Jodhpur Collection for the latter. The unification of our backgrounds into one design idea creates a completely new look and feel. The simplification of thousands of years of culture as well as natural patterns, perfectly complement the shapes of the human body to guarantee an exceptional look and feel. This is our basic idea behind the Pukka Berlin design concept.

Pukka Berlin InspirationInspo: Tembo Collection

The Tembo Collection is one of our signature collections and a great example of our design concept. Its jewelry is inspired by the mighty elephants of the Maasai Mara, in Kenya. The elegant, minimalistic form of their tusks work wonderfully for our signature line. Tusks are also one of the main reasons that poachers attack Elephants. In order to help fight this,  we donate 20% of our profits from this collection to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, to help protect these amazing animals and to help keep these majestic giants safely in the Wild. Stay tuned for our inspirations for our collections and much more information.