Traditional to modern: Unisex Signet Rings

Colourful, classic or with sustainable diamonds!

Signet rings were long considered the epitome of the traditional piece of jewelry. In recent years, however, signet rings have experienced a renaissance. Currently, you can hardly be trendier than with a personalised signet ring. As one of the few pieces of jewelry, these were traditionally worn by men. At Pukka Berlin, we're breaking the long-established stereotype and therefore designed a wide variety of modern unisex signet rings.

Meaning then vs. now

The history of signet rings goes back over 4000 years to ancient Egypt. They were a functional piece of jewelry to seal letters and thus had a privacy function. The recipient of a letter could verify by an unbroken seal that no one else had read the letter. They were usually worn by the upper classes and stood for power and authority.  Today they are often passed through the generations, usually engraved with a family crest.  Our new interpretation of signet rings stands above all for openness and individuality. From modern IT-Pieces to meaningful statement jewelry, find your perfect signet ring here: Full gold or gold plated? Our classic Initial Signet Ring in solid gold can be engraved with the motif and letter of your choice free of charge. Another way of personalizing your rings is with the colourful Custom Signet Ring in silver and 18k vermeil gold plating. You can choose your favourite colour from 23 ceramic colours.  

  On which finger do you wear a signet ring?

Throughout history, signet rings have traveled between the fingers. Excavations show that in ancient times signet rings were worn mainly on the little finger but also on the ring finger. During the Middle Ages, wearing them on the index finger and thumb became established. Today, signet rings are again worn on the ring finger or, somewhat more elegantly, on the little finger Signet rings are striking pieces of jewelry and wearing them on their own is usually enough to attract attention.

2 super-trends in 1: individual and sustainable

Sustainability and individualisation are high on the agenda. By combining the two, you can choose your own personal piece of jewelry and ensure a lifetime of pleasure - plus a clear conscience! Recycled materials and fair conditions during hand production are a trademark of Pukka Berlin.  Do you like it colourful and fancy or timeless and classic? With high-quality ceramic patterns from India or CO2 neutral lab-diamonds, you can set unique accents and create a real eye-catcher on your hand. The latter are a sustainable and more favourable alternative to natural diamonds.  
Especially our Signet Rings with Lab-Diamonds are ideal for a future family heirloom - with sustainability into the future!   Customisable Unisex Signet Rings