The Chione Collection finds its design inspiration through our journeys in the cold north. The depth and translucency of icebergs has inspired us to use baguette cut diamonds that visually resemble ice. Each baguette is set individually to accentuate the diamonds step-cut inward beauty. Thereby, this collection merges the boundary between minimalism, naturalism and art deco, creating a unique yet accessible aesthetic.

14k recycled gold

Natural gemstones

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Durable & High Quality

Pukka Berlin Chione Ring - Yellow 2275 kanch baguette band yellow

Chione Ena Ring

From €545,00
Pukka Berlin Chione Ring - Yellow276 Kanch Tri Baguette Band yellow

Chione Tria Ring

From €595,00
Chione Ena Studs - Yellow 2274 Kanch petite baguette Studs yellow
Sold out

Chione Ena Studs



handmade by us

Our fine line pieces are handcrafted by us from certified 14kt gold. All the diamonds we use are real, sustainably sourced and cut inhouse. Handling the whole manufacturing process from design to packaging ourselves, we can guarantee you our highest quality standards with reasonable prices and fair production. Thereby, all our pieces undergo stringent quality assurance tests. We want you to invest in something that lasts the test of time, looks good and feels good too.

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