Lab-grown Diamond Guide

Grown to perfection under watchful eyes of our scientists, our Lab-Grown Diamond crystals (LGDs) are engineered to be brighter and whiter in the safest of environments. Crafted to perfection by our own expert artisans in safe and equitable environments. Our stones merge the highest technology standards with our expertise to create beautiful Lab-Grown Diamonds. Thereby, Lab-Grown Diamonds are composed of crystallized carbon just like natural diamonds.

Grown to perfection

LGDs are chemically and physically identical to mined diamonds, but grown in a laboratory.

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CO2 neutrally crafted to perfection

The only difference is natural takes billions of years to form and is mined while our Lab-Grown Diamonds are sustainably grown in our controlled high-tech laboratory. Our Lab-Grown Diamonds are created to be consistent in providing the best quality at the best value. Being VS in quality and G in colour. Yet each diamond is unique and has their own fingerprint. Furthermore, all our Lab-Grown Diamonds are IIA type in carbon formation. This kind of formation allows for the brightest and best of diamonds as the light movement through the diamond is optimal. We make all our larger diamonds using the CVD (chemical vapour deposition) technology and are certified as CO2 neutral for 2021. This technology along with our secret sauce allows us to create larger, better, whiter diamonds.

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Sustainable yet fairly priced

LGDs allow us to bring down the price of owning a diamond, while reducing the carbon footprint (CO2 neutral).

History & Provenance

Natural diamond take billions of years to form, and it requires many conditions to be met for its formation. This accounts for its rarity and allure. A Lab-Grown Diamond can be grown in a duration of 60 days in a highly controlled laboratory. With one being romantic and slow and the other being a curated technology, which do you prefer?

Unique yet attainable

Our LGDs always come in an excellent VS | G quality.

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Certified Quality

If manners make a man, then technology makes the Lab-Grown Diamond. We make all our larger diamonds using the CVD (chemical vapour deposition) technology. This technology along with our secret sauce allows us to create larger, better, whiter diamonds. All our diamonds come out to be type IIA. IIA diamonds make up 1–2% of all natural diamonds (1.8% of gem diamonds). These diamonds are almost or entirely devoid of impurities and consequently are usually colourless. Many famous large diamonds, like the Cullinan and Koh-i-Noor are Type IIA. The quality of natural Diamonds ranges from D IF to I3 and below. Lab-Grown Diamonds quality brackets are technology driven and come with an “at least” SI2 classification. Narrower price parameters, but better value for money. Thereby, they come with an IGI certificate at no extra cost starting at .50ct.

What drives you, quality or price? – We offer you the choice.

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Eclectic yet minimal

Our designs embody this philosophy with the cleanest settings to enhance the diamonds.

Minimal Yet Eclectic

Eclectic, minimal and forward thinking are the mantras of our design philosophy. Our designs embody this philosophy, using the cleanest of settings that enhance the beauty of the diamonds. We make sure our Lab-Grown Diamonds and our designs compliment and do not compete with each other.

Carats not Carrots

Our LGDs always come in an excellent VS | G quality.

Lab-Grown Diamonds
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Lab-grown Diamonds Wedding Bands

Eclectic yet minimal

Our designs embody this philosophy with the cleanest settings to enhance the diamonds.

What makes a Diamond

The quality of a natural as well as Lab-Grown Diamond depends on 4 C’s – Carat, Clarity, Colour & Cut. Read our Diamond Guide about the 4C’s.

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