Our Fine Line is a line of rare and timeless pieces that are made for eternity. The designs in this line draw inspiration from mythology and portray minimalistic interpretations of classic Diamond jewelry. These handcrafted heirlooms are guaranteed to make you shine. All the collections within this line use sustainably sourced 14k Gold and the finest natural Diamonds that are hand-cut by our in-house artisans. The Diamonds possess SI clarity and are nearly colourless with an H colour classification.

Essentials collection

The Essentials Collection contains those gold jewelry pieces that we feel everyone should own. They are the classical jewelry requirement for your jewelry box. This collection is truly timeless and never goes out of fashion. Classic, versatile and eternal, our Essentials Collection jewelry pieces suit your daily outfit but also work with that special evening dress. Hence, these pieces are always a great choice for gifts, too. The handcrafted heirlooms showcase Diamonds that are made with SI2 clarity and are nearly colourless with a H+ classification. Using the finest quality 14k Gold, they are the epitome of everyday elegance.

Natürliche Diamanten in Regenbogenfarben
Filigraner Schmuck mit natürlichen Diamanten

Freya collection

Freya is defined by delicate, translucent geometric shapes that appear suspended in air. Each of the elements is treated uniquely and has a purpose, keeping in tune with the Bauhaus movement philosophy of functional design. This collection seeks to level the distinction between the fine and applied arts, and to reunite manufacturing and creativity. Why Freya? She’s the goddess of norse mythology associated with love, beauty, and gold. The handcrafted pieces are made with highest quality Diamonds at a SI|H classification and use the finest quality 14k Gold.

Freya Band - Yellow 3244 Freya Round Ring yellow

Freya Round Ring

€396,00 €495,00
240-Disc-Pendant-yellow240 Freya Round Necklace Yellow

Freya Round Necklace

€504,00 €630,00
Freya Band - Yellow 3243 Freya Band yellow

Freya Band

€616,00 €770,00
Freya Square Necklace245 Freya Square necklace yellow

Freya Square Necklace

€552,00 €690,00

Chione Collection

The Chione Collection finds its design inspiration through our journeys in the cold north. The depth and translucency of icebergs has inspired us to use baguette cut diamonds that visually resemble ice. Each baguette is set individually to accentuate the diamonds step-cut inward beauty. Thereby, this collection merges the boundary between minimalism, naturalism and art deco, creating a unique yet accessible aesthetic.

Schmuck mit natürlichem Diamant in Baguette Schliff
Pukka Berlin Chione Ring - Yellow 2275 kanch baguette band yellow

Chione Ena Ring

€340,00 €425,00
Baguette DiamanteneheringBaguette Tunnel Band

Baguette Tunnel Band

From €790,00
Pukka Berlin Chione Ring - Yellow276 Kanch Tri Baguette Band yellow

Chione Tria Ring

€468,00 €585,00
Chione Tria BraceletChione Tria Armband Gelb

Chione Tria Bracelet

€471,20 €589,00
Filigrane Ringe mit verschiedenen Motiven

Stack Collection

Our Stack Collection are fine gold jewelry pieces that are designed to stack, layer or be worn alone. Our Wire Stack Rings are built to be collected. Pear-cut Diamonds, Princess-cut Diamonds or our classical round-cut Diamond with a petite shaft; this collection has it all and is continuously expanded. The Stack Collection’s versatility makes it perfect for many occasions – stack them to dress up, go solo to dress down – your perfect companion through day and night.

Princess Wire Stack Ring, Infinity Stack Ring, Round Bezel Wire Stack Ring, Essentials Micro Diamond Band255 Princess wire stack ring yellow

Princess Wire Stack Ring

€356,00 €445,00
254 Round Wire Stack Ring - Yellow 256 Pear Wire Stack Ring - Yellow254 Round wire Stack ring yellow

Round Wire Stack Ring

€460,00 €575,00
285 Petite-Diamond-Heart-Ring Yellow285 Aphrodite petite Heart Ring yellow

Petite Heart Ring

€220,00 €275,00
293 moon stack ring 294 star stack ring yellow293-moon-stack-ring-yellow
Sold out

Moon Stack Ring

€220,00 €275,00

helix collection

Hardware meets Elegance – Our Helix Collection is inspired by the helix spiral form in nature and hardware. It stands for freedom, exuberance and is modern and innovative. For all those who like new things, but at the same time appreciate elegance.

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Hardware Schmuck mit spiralförmigen Design
Helix Ring Gold mit DiamantenHelix Ring Gold mit Diamanten

Helix Diamond Ring

From €765,00
Helix Ring rosHelix Ring Gold

Helix Ring

From €299,00
Eleganter Ring mit Diamantdetails

marika collection

Our Marika Collection is inspired by the Indian Goddess of Rain. It is distinguished by small golden pearls that represent raindrops. The ancient people of Tamil used the word ‘Muthu’ (Pearl) as a metaphor for raindrops, as in the Tamil language the Goddess of Rain is also called ‘Muthu Maariamman’. The technique of repeating many golden pearls is traditionally Indian. It is called the ‘gold ball technique’ and can mostly be found across ethnic Indian bridal jewelry. Each piece of the Marika Collection follows the typical Pukka Signature – it is minimalistic, modern and takes on wearable forms.

Marika XO RingMarika xo Ring Yellow

Marika XO Ring

From €670,00
Marika Pave StackMarika Gold Chain Yellow

Petite Gold Chain

From €209,00

Antheia Collection

Our Antheia Collection draws inspiration from the coming of spring and is our eclectic take on a four leaf clover. Antheia is the Greek Goddess of flowers and flowery wreaths, always bringing good fortune and weather. Just as the leaf clover is considered to be lucky. As usual, we added our cultural experiences to the traditional clover, to discover an original eclectic yet minimalistic motif. It represents a mix between a clover and the intricate flower inlay that is found on the walls of the Taj Mahal. This romantic minimalistic diamond jewelry collection symbolizes good luck and is a perfect gift for yourself or any of your loved ones.

Blumenförmige Schmuckstücke
Unisex Diamantschmuck in 14k Gold

ribhu collection

Die Ribhu Kollektion ist inspiriert von der Materialität urbaner Gebiete. Die Unisex-Kollektion zementiert das Design durch Kontraste, indem sie Diamanten, poliertes Gold und gebürstetes Gold für ein einzigartiges, kantiges und dennoch minimalistisches Design verwendet. Ribhu ist ein alter Gott für Kunstfertigkeit und bedeutet in der Sprache Sanskrit wörtlich Baumeister oder Künstler. Dein Ribhu-Schmuckstück wird persönlich für Dich angefertigt und mit einer einzigartigen Identifikationsnummer graviert.