More for less

Pukka is derived from the Hindi word “Pakka”, which is synonymous with being genuine, solid, positive and true. At Pukka Berlin, this is exactly what we stand for. The basis of our Pukka Promise is to give you more for less. Jewelry is either extremely unattainable for many due to the exorbitant pricing, or it’s reasonably affordable, but with a questionable quality. We aim to bridge this gap by offering fairly priced products, without compromising on quality. We want you to invest in something that lasts the test of time, looks good and feels good too. Explore the facets of our Pukka Promise below.

Jewelry sustainable responsible Pukka Berlin

Sustainable & Responsible

All our jewelry and the majority of our stones are cut, polished and handcrafted in-house using the latest machinery available and the most efficient production processes. This allows us to have a totally transparent, ethical and sustainable supply chain that is fully controlled by us. We continuously strive to better our internal systems in order to optimize and streamline them with the end goal being a carbon-free process. We aim for this throughout the entire value chain (from raw material to the finished beauty).

Jewelry mine to market Pukka Berlin

Mine to market

We control our entire value chain from Mine to Market and lab to life. This means that we are involved in the sourcing of all our Diamonds and Color Stones, which ensures full compliance and fair compensation for all our raw materials. We ensure this extends all the way through the production process, until the finished product and cuts out the middlemen. This establishes an equitable and honest supply chain and a better-priced piece for you!

Jewelry glocally yours Pukka Berlin

Glocally yours

Pukka Berlin is the fusion of three different cultures unified by a similar design idea. Minimalistic, unique shapes that make you feel and celebrate our glocalisation. Evident in our name, Berlin is one of the cities that inspire us. Pure elegance and dynamic vibrance is key to our brand. This is combined with the vast nature, majestic wildlife and untamed opportunity of Nairobi and the rich history and colourful tradition of Bombay.  The unification of our backgrounds into one design idea creates a completely new look and feel.

Jewelry natural materials Pukka Berlin

Natural materials

Our Diamonds and Colour Stones are 100% natural, ethically sourced and fully compliant with global best practices, such as the Responsible Jewelry Council, the Best Practice Principles and the Kimberly Compliances. An exception is our Lab Line that features lab-grown Diamonds, ethically grown by us. The metal we use is partly recycled and ranges from the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver with 18kt Vermeil plating in our Pret line to 14kt solid Gold in our Fine line. Our Bridal line offers you the choice between 14kt, 18kt Gold and 950 Platin.