Our Fine Line is a line of rare and timeless pieces that are made for eternity. The designs in this line draw inspiration from mythology and portray minimalistic interpretations of classic Diamond jewellery. These handcrafted heirlooms are guaranteed to make you shine. All the collections within this line use sustainably sourced 14k Gold and the finest natural Diamonds that are hand-cut by our in-house artisans. The Diamonds possess SI2 clarity and are nearly colourless with an H colour classification.

Essentials Collection

Pukka Essentials are the pieces that we feel everyone should own. The bare minimum requirements for your wardrobe. This collection is truly timeless. It never goes out of fashion. Classic, versatile and eternal, these handcrafted heirlooms showcase Diamonds that are made with SI2 clarity and are nearly colourless with an H classification. Using the finest quality 14K Gold, they are the epitome of everyday elegance. The Diamonds used in this collection are sourced, cut and handcrafted by us.

Fine ID161- Yellow 14kt gold with diamonds
Fine 165 - White

Theia Collection

Theia was the Titan Goddess of Sight and the shining ether of the bright, blue sky, in Greek mythology. Legend has it that she was also the Goddess who endowed Gold and Silver with their brilliance and intrinsic value. The Theia Fine Diamond Collection is handcrafted using 14k Gold and is centred around a Bezel setting that snuggly surrounds an SI2 clarity, H colour Diamond Halo. This creates the illusion of a beam of light, which is an ode to the Goddess. Our Theia collection is closely related to our Selene collection. According to legend, Theia was the mother of Selene. This explains why our Theia collection is classic and vintage whereas our Selene collection is more futuristic and progressive.

Selene Collection

In Greek mythology, Selene was the Titan Goddess of the Moon. She is said to have driven the Moon chariot. This heavenly vehicle got its power from white Horses and it lit up the night as it drove across the sky. The Selene Collection draws inspiration from the Crescent Moon and it is our contemporary take on the traditional round Halo. The Diamonds in the centre either come in the shape of a pear, which give it an experimental twist or in the conventional classic round setting. The Diamonds used in this collection are sourced, cut and made by us. This collection personifies the moon itself. Our Selene collection is a derivative of our Theia collection. According to legend, Selene was the daughter of Theia. This explains why our Selene collection is futuristic and progressive whereas our Theia collection is more classic and vintage.

Fine 172 - Yellow