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Galapagos Hoops
Product Code: 142

A Part of our exclusive Resort Reserve collection, our Galapagos Hoops are inspired by the Galapagos Island. The Hoops look calm and flat when seen face up however have a wave like movement when seen from the side view.

These hoops are perfect gifting for the season. Their elegant form makes perfect for a fancy dinner, wedding gala, a night out or the perfect holiday companion.

Like all our products, these hoops are vermeil gold plated with a minimum thickness of three micron and are embellished with natural diamonds.


Pukka specials symbolise unique and exceptional limited edition pieces that are one of a kind. It is a space where our head designer gets out of her comfort zone and begins experimenting with various ideas and concepts. This collection of specials is inspired by the diversity of our origins. It's a collection that allows you to express and celebrate your individuality.


The Perfect Collection of our best sellers and newly released products for your loved ones. Don't know what size to buy, don't worry! These products are all size free!

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