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Product Code: 81

Inspired by the glitz and glamour that was typical of Germany during the 1920s, the Marlene Pick Pendant resembles a guitar pick. It is clean, minimal and expresses the flamboyance of Marlene Dietrich, the actress and singer whom this line is named after. The Pendant is soft and sharp at the same time and is balanced by the interplay of Metal and Diamonds.

The Marlene Diamond Pick Pendant comes with an adjustable chain of length 14.7 inches. The flexibility of the chain allows for the Pendant to be perfectly layered or be worn as a choker.

The Diamonds used in the Marlene Pick Pendant are natural, ethical Diamonds that are sourced and cut in-house. Each piece is hand crafted in 925 Sterling Silver, which is Gold Vermeil Plated with a minimum thickness of 3 Microns that ensure high levels of durability and an extremely luxurious feel. 


Our Marlene collection is inspired by the glitz, glamour and opulence of Berlin during the 1920s, combined with our signature minimalistic vibe. The name itself pays homage to Marlene Dietrich, who managed to put provocative and elegant in the same sentence. The Marlene collection is characterised by strong bold lines, curves and diamonds for embellishment.


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