Jewelry handcrafted Pukka Berlin


Our jewelry is handcrafted in only the finest of precious materials. Our Pret line is made of recycled 925 Sterling Silver with an 18k Vermeil Gold plating in either Rose or Yellow Gold. Vermeil-plating indicates an extremely thick plating of at least 3 micron (3x as thick as usually), with a pure sterling silver base. The Fine line is handcrafted in partly recycled 14k Gold. The colour white is finished with a Rhodium plating. The Bridal line, Lab Line and Bespoke Services are available in 14k and 18k Gold as well as 950 Platinum.

Jewelry sustainability Pukka Berlin


Our precious stones, such as Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires, are sustainably sourced using global best practices that uphold the highest levels of compliance and fairness during sourcing (e.g. Kimberly Protocol). Our Lab-grown Diamonds are grown in-house and are CO2 neutrally certified for the current year. For more information about the compliance checks that we adopt, please email us on [email protected]

Jewelry coating - Pukka Berlin

Diamonds and more

The Diamonds from our Fine & Bridal line come at a standard SI2 quality with H+ colour. The LGDs used in the Lab Line are VS | G. We believe these are the best ratios between price and quality. They give an immense value and quality offering at an exceptionally affordable price point. At these levels there are minimal visible inclusions to the naked eye and the colour is stark White without falling into a Yellow parameter.

Jewelry durability - Pukka Berlin


All our Pret line pieces are coated and handcrafted in Rhodium and then nano-coated with an anti-tarnish material. This slows down the oxidation process of the Silver and increases durability immensely, resulting in a piece that shines longer. The same standards go for our Fine, Bridal, and Lab Line. We want to create pieces that will be with you a lifetime. Nevertheless, please come by once a year for a checkup and Spa.