Our Pret Line features a variety of silver jewelry collections that are inspired by our travels around the World, by nature and by traditions. Each jewelry piece in this line is handcrafted by our artisans using certified and partly recycled 925 Sterling Silver. The colours yellow and rose are made out of 18k Gold-plated silver. All the Diamonds and colour stones used in these silver jewelry collections are sustainably sourced and cut inhouse.

Tembo Collection

Our Tembo collection is our flagship jewelry collection. This collection is inspired by the mighty Elephants of Kenya and identified by its signature minimal and fluid tusk designs. Tembo, which translates into Elephant in Swahili, is meant to make a powerful statement. Every 15 minutes in Africa, an innocent Elephant loses its life due to the brutality of poaching. This is why we donate parts of our profits generated from this line to Ol Pejeta Conservancy, in Kenya, to support anti-poaching initiatives.

Tembo 40 - Yellow
Flower Diamond Band White

Wire Collection

Wire wrapping is one of the oldest techniques for making handmade jewelry in the World. Our Wire collection is an expression of traditional methods inspiring modern luxury. This age-old example of jewelry craftsmanship combined with a generous Diamond layering creates a classic, timeless silver jewelry collection. This collection is truly immortal.

Nimbus Collection

Our Nimbus Collection, meaning ”dark cloud” in Latin, draws inspiration from the irregular perfection of cloud shapes. It’s a silver jewelry collection that celebrates the natural world around us and can be best described as organic opulence. A collection that is rustic and uneven. This appearance is coated in Diamonds to give a glamourous, fluid, and minimal creation. After all, it’s the imperfections that keep life interesting.

Nimbus Earrings - Yellow
Jodhpur 102 - Rose

Jodhpur Collection

Inspired by the cultural capital of Rajasthan, the Jodhpur collection is our interpretation of the Blue City. The silver jewelry collection uses ancient Indian jewelry-making techniques and traditions. It boasts an explosion of colour and dainty decorations. The jewelry pieces portray a modern twist on ethnic Indian jewelry to create a clean, minimal, and eclectic look. Our Jodhpur collection uses natural Rubies and Sapphires that typify the region.

Marlene Collection

Our Marlene collection is inspired by the glitz, glamour and opulence of Berlin during the 1920s. It is an eponym jewelry collection paying homage to Marlene Dietrich, a famous German Actress, and Singer. Flashing Diamonds, bold lines and timeless minimalism are the signature of this collection. It is best described as provocative elegance.

Marlene 50 - Yellow
Bauhaus 65 - Yellow

Bauhaus Collection

The Bauhaus Collection is inspired by the German Bauhaus movement of the 1920s. This collection seeks to level the distinction between the fine and applied arts and thereby reunites manufacturing and creativity. It provides delicate, translucent geometric shapes that translate into elegant, easy to wear shapes. Our Bauhaus silver jewelry collection uses a lot of Ceramic, which was a common element during the period. It’s best described as seductive minimalism.

Luna Collection

Inspired by our iconic Jodhpur Bead Band, the Luna collection replaces metal beads with cabochon-cut Moonstones. Legend has it, moonstones have strong healing powers and properties of inner growth and strength. They are known to soothe stress, nurture calmness, and enhance stability. It’s known as a stone for “new beginnings” that derives power from the moon. Each Moonstone of the collection is handpicked by our artisans. This collection has an innate sensual and esoteric look and feel.

Luna 116 - Yellow
Specials 96 - Yellow

Specials Collection

Our Specials Collection consists of limited edition pieces that celebrate significant moments, locations, and ideologies. This silver jewelry collection merges experimentation and ingenuity to create unique and original pieces that are truly one of a kind. The pieces of the Specials Collection are limited to a specific number of pieces and then discontinued indefinitely. This is what makes them charming and enchanting.

Serpentine Collection

Our Serpentine Collection is inspired by the Naga. Indian mythology considers the Naga or Cobra a snake-like deity which protects all things precious and guards thresholds. It is therefore often pictured as two headed. That’s why this Snake Jewelry Collection acts as a connector of worlds and personalities. It combines sensual symbolism with simple functionality. Like a two headed snake, the design unites two personalities.

Serpentine Collection
246 Braid Band - yellow

Braid Collection

Our Braid Collection is inspired by our nautical adventures around the globe. This Silver-based Collection is a take on twisted nautical ropes. In all their efficient beauty, nautical ropes have supported human curiosity by making adventures possible. Staying true to our multifaceted design philosophy, our braided rope jewelry pieces are irregular, organic yet minimal. We believe there is no better time to stay true and express your curiosity.

  • YellowRoseSterling Silver with nano-coating
    Braid Band Yellow 246Braid Collection - White (1)

    Braid Band

    125  incl. VAT
  • YellowRoseSterling Silver with nano-coating
    249 Pukka Braid Hoops Yellow 2Braid Earrings 2 - White 249

    Braid Hoops

    185  incl. VAT
  • YellowRoseSterling Silver with nano-coating
    Braid Medallion Pendant Yellow 248Braid Pendant Braid Hoops 248 249- Yellow

    Braid Medallion Pendant

    195  incl. VAT
  • YellowRoseSterling Silver with nano-coating
    Braid Spring Band Yellow - Braid Spring RingBraid Rings - Yellow (1)

    Braid Spring Ring

    155  incl. VAT