Our Selene Collection draws inspiration from the Crescent Moon and it is our contemporary take on the traditional round halo. Selene is the Titan Goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology. She is said to have driven the moon chariot. This heavenly vehicle got its power from white horses and it lit up the night as it drove across the sky. The collection is handcrafted in 14k Gold and SI2 clarity Diamonds with a G/H colour. The Diamonds in the center either come in the shape of a pear or in the classic round setting. The Diamonds are sourced, cut, and set by us. The Selene collection personifies the moon itself. Our Selene collection is a derivative of our Theia collection. According to legend, Selene was the daughter of Theia. This explains why our Selene collection is futuristic and progressive, whereas our Theia collection is more classic and vintage.