We created our jewelry size guide to thoroughly help you find your size for all our jewelry pieces. Find your ring size, your cuff size, and information about our chain lengths. Please be aware that our jewelry size guide is intended as an orientation. In case of any specific questions do not hesitate to contact us.


We offer two chain lengths for our pret line. Our regular chain is 45cm (17.5 inch) and alternatively our long chain in 61cm (24 inch). Both of these are stepless adjustable to shorten them to the required length.

Our Fine Line features a thinner 14k gold chain of 45cm length and a second hook to reduce its size to roughly 40cm. Please get in touch if you want a bespoke chain for your fine or bridal jewelry piece.

Chain Size Guide Layering Pendants


Our ring sizing is based on EU sizing. The below chart will help determine your ring size according to the standards of your country. Please keep in mind that your fingers might be swollen in a hot environment and thinner in a cold environment. Further, the wider the ring, the bigger is your ring size. We also recommend a tighter fitting for rings with an unbalanced weight, e.g. engagement rings, to prevent the ring from turning.

Measure your ring size

Please follow the instructions on the right side to determine your ring size and compare the result to our ring size table above. Make sure that the string is adequately positioned on your finger, since ring sizes are a matter of millimeters. Alternatively, please print our ring size guide below and follow the instructions provided. Please contact us in case of any doubt.

Jewelry how to measure - Pukka Berlin


Our Fine Line and Pret Line jewelry comes with beautifully designed grey ring boxes that are partly recycled. As an alternative we offer fully recycled brown Pukka boxes. Both ring boxes come in two different sizes, depending on the size of your piece. In these boxes is a blue velvet pouch surrounded by wrapping paper and our Pukka sticker for a perfect set for yourself or your beloved ones.

Our Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands come in grey or dark blue non-branded classical ring boxes. Either in single ring boxes or alternative in double ring boxes for two rings.

Packaging Pukka Berlin