Welcome to the Pukka Blog

Welcome to our little blog! Welcome to the Pukka family!

We created this blog to give you a little insight into Pukka Berlin and jewelry in general. How three men decided to venture into an unconventional field of creating a jewelry brand. We want you to understand our vision, what drives us, how our supply chain makes a difference, our design concept, and most importantly share our knowledge about jewelry. We hope you’ll understand what we are creating and how we are trying to transcend norms and push the boundaries of conventional jewelry brands. Hence, we want our unique philosophy to resonate with you.

We will cover a vast array of topics that should tickle your interest. We talk about who we are, our inspirations behind collections, we give you some insight into our supply chains, and we want to share our jewelry knowledge. What makes a good Diamond? What to consider when buying an engagement ring or wedding band? How to clean jewelry? What’s the difference between us and other brands? These are just a few topics we’ll talk about.

Pukka is about having fun, celebrating your individualism, becoming a responsible person, and being the best version of you!

We hope you’ll find our blog interesting. Enjoy the read and welcome to the PUKKA FAMILY.

P.S. Please come back to us for feedback on all matters as well as ideas of topics you want to hear about!


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