100 Years of Bauhaus

History of the movementJoost-schmidt-mechanical-stage-design-1925

The German Bauhaus Movement is over 100 years old. It’s one of the most influential architectural movements and has profound design implications until today. It follows a groundbreaking minimalistic and efficient approach, while combining crafts and the fine arts. The German Art school called “Staatliches Bauhaus” was founded by Walter Gropius in 1919. It was positioned in Weimar (1919-1925), Dessau (1925-1932) and Berlin until 1933. In that year the school closed under the pressure of the Nazis. This devastating ending was also a great start towards spreading the ideas of the Bauhaus movement around the globe, since a lot of the artists emigrated. Subsequently, the design ideas had vast implications on modern architecture and design.


The movement aimed to reunite fine art and functional design. This was based on the fear of the heartlessness of modern manufacturing that arose in the late 19th century. Thereby the artists of the movement tried to unite the principles of mass production and individual artistic vision. Bauhaus artists tried to aim for linear and geometrical forms, everything else was of less importance. Line, shape and colour was the focus of their work. Famous artists of the movement are Mies van der Rohe, Klee, Kandinsky, or Moholy-Nagy.

InspirationBauhaus Movement

Also, our jewelry is highly influenced by the impacts of the Bauhaus movement. The general idea of minimalistic approaches to our glocal designs or traditional jewelry, follows the idea of clean designs that express your individuality. Naturally, especially our Bauhaus Collection shows this influence, which we call seductive minimalism. Our Bauhaus jewelry seeks to level the distinction between the fine and applied arts and reunite manufacturing and creativity. Thereby, the collection provides delicate, translucent geometric shapes that translate into elegant and easy to wear shapes. Our Bauhaus collection uses a lot of Ceramic, which was a common element during the period. Pursuing evermore individual jewelry is part of the influence of the Bauhaus movement, too. Thus, we created two wonderful pieces that you can customize. Choose your own ceramic colour combinations to find your individual artistic vision: the Bauhaus custom square and Bauhaus custom round rings.


Bauhaus Movement building In case you are interested in the Bauhaus movement, we highly recommend seeing for yourself by visiting Bauhaus museums. For example the one in Berlin or in Dessau itself. Further, just take a look around you. No matter if it’s the chair you are sitting on, or the building you might be living in. At last, we highly recommend visiting the white city in Tel Aviv, to see stunning Bauhaus architecture that was started from emigrating German Jewish architects in the 1930’s.