Find the right ring size with simple methods

How do I know what size ring I have?

Wearing rings is new territory for you? Or you want to surprise a loved one with a personalized ring but don't know exactly what ring size he or she needs? Don't worry - we know what to do! With these three tips, you'll easily find the right ring size.

How do I measure the ring size?

Before you start measuring, there are a few things to consider. Some of them may sound obvious, but since ring sizing is often a matter of millimeters, they can make all the difference. You always measure the finger on which the ring will be worn later. The fingers of our dominant hand are usually slightly larger than the fingers of the other hand. Also, the size of our fingers changes throughout the day. In the morning, our fingers are thinner than usual. Therefore, it is best to measure ring size at the end of the day when they are warm. While cold weather can cause fingers to shrink, heat or water retention from food, medication or illness can cause swelling. Our knuckles are usually larger than the base of our fingers. So to be on the safe side, you should order rings a half size larger to fit comfortably over your knuckle.

If you choose a very opulent ring, such as our Tembo Yin Yang Ring or Cuban Chain Ring, it's best to buy it one size larger. However, for rings with unbalanced weight, such as our engagement rings with natural or lab-grown diamonds, a tighter fit is recommended to prevent the ring from twisting. To ensure the accuracy of your DIY measurements, we recommend repeating the sizing process 3-4 times using the same or different types of measurements. Also, be sure to measure your ring size regularly as it can change with aging. Basically, you'll know you have the right ring size when your ring fits comfortably on your finger - tight enough not to slip off, but loose enough to slip over your knuckle with relative ease.

If you don't want to ask a person directly for their ring size, you can simply steal one of their rings for a short time. Be sure to pick a ring that fits exactly on the intended finger. Engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

What you need:
ring-size-guide/ruler, ring.

1. download our ring size guide. Please note that it is very important to print it at the correct paper size. Print it to 100% and make sure the page scaling is set to "None" in your print dialog box.
Place the ring over the circles indicated in the ring sizing guide . 3.
Read the inner diameter of the circle that best fits the size of the ring. 4.
Determine your ring size by comparing the inside diameters to the appropriate circumference in our international ring size chart or by multiplying by the number 3.14. If you have an inside diameter, for example, that of the ring, multiply by the number 3.14.
For example, if you measured an inner diameter of 16 mm, you will get a result of 50.24 mm (16 x 3.14) and can order rings in size 50. If you do not want to measure the inner diameter of the ring with our ring size chart , you can also measure it yourself with a ruler.