Ring Size Guide

how do I know what ring size I have?

You’re new to the ring game? Or you want to surprise a loved one with a personal ring and you don’t know which ring size they need? Don’t worry - we're coming to the rescue!  With these three main tips, you get the right ring size, no matter for whom it might be for.

How to measure your ring size

Before you start measuring your ring size, there are some things you should keep in mind first. Some of them might sound obvious. Since ring sizing is a matter of millimeters though, they can really make a huge difference. Always measure the finger, the ring is intended to sit on in the end. The fingers of your dominant hand tend to be slightly bigger than the ones on your other hand. Your finger size changes during the day. In the morning, our fingers are thinner than usual. It is therefore best to measure your ring size at the end of the day, when they're warm. While cold weather can cause shrinking, heat or water retention caused by food, medications or illness can cause the swelling of your fingers. Our knuckles tend to be bigger than the base of our fingers. To be safe, order half a size bigger than your finger indicates to comfortably get it over your knuckle. If you choose a very opulent ring like our Tembo Yin Yang Ring or our Cuban Chain Ring, it's better to purchase it one size bigger than your regular size. A tighter fitting, however, is recommended for rings with unbalanced weight e.g. our Engagement Rings with Natural or Lab-Grown Diamonds to prevent the ring from turning. To ensure the accuracy of your DIY-measurements, we recommend repeating the sizing 3-4 times with the same or different kinds of measurements. Make sure to measure your ring size regularly, since it can change from aging. You know you got your ring size right, if your ring fits comfortably on your finger - snug enough to not fall off, but loose enough to slide it over your knuckle with relative ease.

1. Measuring an existing Ring

If you do not want to ask the ring size of a person directly, you can always smuggle a ring they already own. Make sure to take a ring, that properly fits the intended finger. Engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger on the left hand. What you need: Ring Size Guide / Ruler, Ring 1. Download our Ring Size Guide. Please note, that it is very important to print it out in the right paper size. Print it at 100% and ensure that Page Scaling is set to ‘None’ on your print dialog box.Inner Diameter 2. Place the ring over the circles shown on the Ring Size Guide. 3. Read the inside diameters of the circle matching the size of the ring best. 4. Find your ring size by comparing the inner diameters with the matching circumference of our International Ring Size Chart or multiply it with the number 3,14. If you have measured an inner diameter of 16 mm, for example, you’ll get a result of 50,24 mm (16 x 3,14) and can therefore order rings in a size 50. Ring Size Chart If you don’t want to use our Ring Size Guide to measure the inside diameter of your ring, you can also use a ruler to measure it by yourself.

2. Measuring your Finger

If you do not have a ring that you can measure, you can easily measure your finger with a few simple everyday objects laying around in your home. What you need: String / Paper, Pen / Scissors, Ruler 1. Wrap a piece of string, ribbon, thread, floss, or a thin strap of paper around your finger base, close to your knuckle. It should not sit too tight though – it should still be able to slide over your knuckle. 2. Mark the spot, where the ends of the string meet up, with the pen or cut it off with some scissors right away. 3. Take your ruler and measure the string. 4. Download our Ring Size Guide, match your string with the circles and compare it with our International Ring Size Chart. Measure Finger Please note, that the material you use as a string might easily stretch. So, try not to force to taut, since it might get larger than your finger size really is. Thereby your measurement might get distorted, and you come out with a ring size that’s too big. If your knuckle is a lot larger than your finger base, try to measure both and pick the size in between the two.

3. Measuring with Paper Sizer

If you’re unsure about the accuracy of the methods above, you can also print out our Paper Sizer and measure your finger with it. What you need: Our Paper Sizer, Scissors Ring Sizer 1. Print out our Paper Sizer at 100%. 2. Cut out the Ring Sizer along the outer line. 3. Cut along the dotted line with the title ‘SLIT HERE’. 4. Wrap the Sizer around the bottom of your intended ring finger with the writing towards you, so you can properly read it. 5. Insert the pointer of the Sizer through the small opening you cut in step 3. 6. Read your ring size with the help of the opener. The Sizer shouldn’t sit too tight – you should be able to comfortably move it over your knuckle. Ring Sizer Usage

Still got it wrong?

If you still ordered your ring in the wrong size, don't worry. You can easily exchange it by contacting us via contactus@pukkaberlin.com - we're happy to help you out! If you measured a ring size that is not available online, you can contact us through the same email address or you can book a personal appointment with our experts. We can always craft smaller or larger sizes of all our rings.