Ananya means uniqueness in Hindi and celebrates your multi-faceted self. Each facet of you is represented by a different diamond cut, uniquely combined to create a beautiful piece of jewelry - just like you! Dainty prong and bezel set Lab diamonds in different shapes are combined to create a unique look that is both playful and elegant. The designs are cast from recycled 14-karat gold.

Recycled 14k gold

lab diamonds

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


durable & high quality

Handfertigung eines Diamantenohrrings in Manufaktur


handmade by us

Our Lab ExtraOrdinary Jewelry is handcrafted by us from 100% recycled 14k gold.The jewelry is set with sustainable diamonds grown in our lab, which are cut by us and are of the highest quality (VS | F+). Since we handle the entire manufacturing process ourselves, from design to packaging, we can guarantee you the highest quality standards at affordable prices and fair manufacturing. All of our pieces go through rigorous quality testing. We want you to invest in something that lasts, looks good and feels good.

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