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"Jewelry is either unattainably expensive or of questionable quality and origin. We want to close this gap. So that you invest in something that stands the test of time, looks good and feels good too. Pukka Berlin's mission is to produce affordable and personalized quality jewelry that is both sustainable and fair."

Dr. Maximilian Huber, Founder and Managing Director of Pukka Berlin

pukka boys - our story

Three friends, three continents and one minimalist jewelry brand. The idea for Pukka Berlin came to us founders Max, Aalay and Taj while we were studying in England. Although we come from different cultures, we had very similar ideas about design, fashion, sustainability and transparency. We developed a deep friendship and joked that we wanted to start our own business. But we never thought we would take the leap from idea to realization...
When we realized how opaque the jewelry industry is, while on the other hand more sustainable awareness is coming into focus, we decided to make a change ourselves. We founded Pukka Berlin with the mission to make jewelry shine in a new light. And wow, what an exciting journey it has been so far! We are proud of what we have achieved and look forward to the future!

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Our handmade jewelry bridges the gap between real and costume jewelry while guaranteeing the highest level of integrity and quality. We make our jewelry for you personally, sustainably and fairly. Our Pukka Promise is a promise to you.
pukka promise



Having our own jewelry label has been exciting for us ever since we met. Through Aalay, we learned how opaque the jewelry industry is, while on the other hand, more sustainable awareness came into focus. We thought the industry needed a change. We just didn't know how to make it happen: The mission to create a brand through which jewelry can shine in a fair and affordable way.

april 2016


The idea came to us on a safari with Taj in Kenya: a minimalist jewelry collection based on the shape of an elephant's tusk. An unusual but minimalist design that also focuses on animal welfare! We set to work and designed our first collection, showed it to friends and were certain: this is how we can start.

may 2017

Berlin Pop-Up

In 2017, we made the decision: Let's give it a try! Together we founded Pukka Berlin. In May 2017, we launched a pop-up box at Bikini Berlin and put ourselves behind the counter.

August 2017


After just a few months, we received the first inquiries for engagement and wedding rings. We decided to expand our range.
The moment of the first engagement ring was very special for us for two reasons. On the one hand, we were impressed by how well Pukka Berlin was received and that customers entrusted us with such a sensitive topic. On the other hand, it is simply amazing to be part of the intimate conception of an engagement ring!

january 2018


Not only were customers interested in our ideas, but other jewelry retailers also started approaching us. What greater compliment could there be than other experts in your field wanting to sell your jewelry?

MARCH 2018


In March 2018, we opened our first store as a pop-up store in Bikini Berlin. At the time, we were still working together with a jewelry company we were friends with. A major milestone for us, as we were now able to show customers a completely different atmosphere and the experience we wanted.

June 2018

own store in berlin

In June 2018, the time had finally come and, after a long period of planning, we opened our own store with the furniture and experience we had gained from the pop-up experience. The store is still there today, and it still shines, even though it has already had a party or two!

january 2019


In January 2019, we were finally ready and launched our own high-quality jewelry line in solid gold. Our Fine line consists of jewelry designs in recycled 14k gold with natural diamonds and other stones. The designs are based on our cultural origins, mixed with our signature minimalist jewelry style.

december 2019


Countless engagement and wedding rings later, the experience of Aalay's and Max's own engagements later, we were ready: Our wedding line of classic designs in our modern interpretation was launched. We were incredibly happy and look forward to making each of these unique pieces for you!

april 2020


We started Pukka as a classic offline jewelry company because it was important to us to understand your needs perfectly. Fortunately, we had already been working on our webshop for months when the pandemic broke out, and we went live in the middle of the first lockdown. It allows us to connect with all our customers from different regions in Germany and around the world. P.S.: Check out our virtual appointments, almost as good as live!

september 2021


Every industry experiences its evolution - laboratory cultured diamonds in today's processes are, in our opinion, this event for the jewelry industry. Sustainable diamonds that allow us to make new designs affordable for you with larger stones! We emphasize quality as well as fair and sustainable production. We continue to offer natural diamonds as an alternative, because you should have the freedom of choice!

August 2022


The opening of our second store with a focus on custom-made pieces was another milestone. It allows us to talk to you in a quiet atmosphere about unique pieces of jewelry that our artisans make for you. All in the typical Pukka way, which is so atypical for a jeweler! In addition, we have fulfilled a dream for ourselves with our office and shipping department: the whole Berlin team in one place.

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Pukka Berlin Team mit Ringen in Kreisen

pukka promise

Pukka is derived from the Hindi word "pakka", which is synonymous with genuine. And that's exactly what we stand for at Pukka Berlin.

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