Who we are


sustainable · fair · personal

Our handmade jewelry bridges the gap between real and costume jewelry while guaranteeing the highest level of integrity and quality through our completely in-house value chain. Our minimalist designs are inspired by the diversity of our origins. The fusion of 3 cities: Berlin, Nairobi and Bombay. Pukka is not only about looking good, but also about feeling good!


bye intransparency

Jewelry is either unattainably expensive or of questionable quality or origin. In both cases, it is opaque to you. Therefore, our mission is to provide you with personalised jewelry designs that are attainable, of high quality and sustainably and fairly produced. How do we do that? We have radically simplified the supply chain and manufacture ourselves.


the pukka boys

Who would have thought that three men, from three different continents, would start a minimalist jewelry brand? We certainly didn't. We met during our Master's studies in England. Although we all came from different continents, we had very similar ideas about design, fashion, sustainability and transparency. We always joked about wanting to start our own business, our own brand to express our views on fashion, supply chains and design ideas. But never did we think we would take the leap from idea to implementation... and wow, what an exciting journey it's been so far. Three years later, with a little less hair than when we started, we are proud of what Pukka stands for and we can't wait to continue turning our dreams and visions into reality.

Origin of the idea

Decision to start

Berlin Pop-Up

First happily married couple

First distributor

Shop opening Berlin

New shop in Berlin

Fine line published

Bridal line published

Website goes online

Lab-grown diamonds introduced

New Bridal Showroom & Office