Sustainable rings from Pukka Berlin

Goldringe aus recycelten Materialien von hoher Qualität

Why sustainable jewelry

Durable and high-quality materials made of gold, silver or platinum are absolutely in fashion. Of course, this comes at a price because of sustainable jewelry materials and the production. When it comes to gold-plated jewelry, we only utilise the high-quality Vermeil gold-plating. For the colours rosé and gold we use the 18k Vermeil gold-plating which is up to 3x thicker than the traditional gilding. We use 14k recycled gold in our solid gold to ensure a long-term durable quality. The brilliance of our natural stones will remain for a long period unlike zirconia or similar artificial stones. It is important for us that we manufacture under fair and sustainable conditions. Since we are using recycled materials, you can choose between natural and CO2 neutral certified lab grown diamonds. We ensure fair wages to our employees and we stand for conflict free natural resources and we fight against exploitation of labour.





Rings from sustainable resources

In our collection you will find rings made of recycled silver, gold and platinum. Our goal is to offer you individual jewelry designs, which are affordable and sustainable at the same time. Timeless jewelry that is handmade, customizable and high quality. There is certainly something for everyone. At Pukka Berlin you will only find sustainably produced rings that are handmade in Bombay in our own manufactory. The material used is particularly sustainable, as it is partly made of recycled gold and sterling silver with high-quality gold-plating. Get yourself a unique Pukka Berlin Ring! You can wear it individually or combine it with additional rings for a perfect layering look.

CO2 neutral hergestellte Diamantenringe

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frequently asked questions

Our fairtrade gold rings are made of recycled gold and also our silver rings are made of recycled silver. In this way, we hope to exert pressure towards ecologically and socially fair mining. The natural diamonds in our sustainable rings are sourced based on compliance with the strict global standards, such as the Kimberly Protocol or the Responsible Jewelry Councils.
We also offer CO2-neutral lab grown diamonds. These differentiate only in the origin of natural diamonds. They are rated with the same characteristics – carat, colour, cut and clarity. Among the mass productions in the jewelry industry, we stand out with our customised individual products. For us, it is very important that design and material harmonise together.

The answer is related to our cultural background as well as our mission. We want to create fine and fair jewelry that is attainable. The three Pukka Berlin founders are from Bombay, Nairobi and Berlin. In Berlin, our office and store is managed by Max and in Bombay our production facility is managed by Aalay in his home country. Aalay is responsible for designing and producing our sustainable jewelry.
High-quality, fair and sustainable but also affordable jewelry is important to us. Through our corporate structure, we can combine exactly these aspects. Since the formation of Pukka Berlin, we place great value on ensuring that wages are fair and employment conditions are good and that labor protection is guaranteed for our employees in India. As a side note, sending jewelry does not come in containers such as with clothes, but in tiny boxes CO2 neutral certification.

Yes, we offer engraving for all jewelry. Free engraving is included with all pieces in our Bridal line, such as engagement and wedding rings. Alternatively an engraving can be also arranged on real jewelry at a later date. If you need an engraving for any other jewelry, please contact us or indicate this in the notes in the checkout on our webshop.

The most common types of engraving are:

J & B 15. Juni 2023
Julia & Ben 15.05.2023
J & B

Here, we have a few more tips for your engravings of your rings. First, you can always change the order of the names. Second, you can engrave personal messages such as your favourite song, wedding motto, life motto or your vow for eternity. We recommend no more than 20-35 characters. If the text is too long, it could lead to distorted writing.