Verlobungsring mit seitlichen Diamanten an BrautmodelStardust Ring inspiriert von Wüstenstaubkörnern

Stardust Round Ring

From €1.440,00
Aster Round RingAster Round Ring

Aster Round Ring

From €790,00
Arch Cross Round RingArch Cross Round Ring

Arch Cross Round Ring

From €850,00
Lily Six Prong RingLily Six Prong Ring

Lily Six Prong Ring

From €840,00
Ring Sizer
Sold out

Ring Sizer

Aster Oval RingAster Oval Ring

Aster Oval Ring

From €840,00
Hava Round Tri RingHava Round Tri Ring

Hava Round Tri Ring

From €1.900,00
Toi et Moi Crown Diamantring vom Model getragenToi et Moi Crown Diamantring in 14k Gelbgold

Toi et Moi Crown Ring

From €395,00
Daffodil Emerald RingDaffodil Emerald Ring

Daffodil Emerald Ring

From €940,00
Toi et Moi Tiara Ring mit einem birnenförmigen Diamanten am Model getragenToi et Moi Tiara Ring in 14k Weißgold

Toi et Moi Tiara Ring

From €595,00

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Engagement rings from Pukka Berlin

The different criteria for the perfect engagement ring

When buying an engagement ring there are a lot of things to consider. Traditionally, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This indicates that when choosing the engagement ring, you should first find out the right ring size. Here you can borrow a ring from your partner and have it measured at a jeweler or take a look at our tips in the guide to ring size. At Pukka Berlin you can choose between engagement rings with or without a gemstone. If you choose a ring with diamonds, you can choose the carat degree and the stone sizes. We also offer completely personalised engagement rings. The rings are available in 14k and 18k gold or platinum and in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. If you don’t have an exact picture of the gold colours in your mind, check out our different ring models on the website.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



Our help with your engagement rings

Choosing an engagement ring can be very challenging. Especially nowadays where the choice is so huge. You might have questions about the size, colour, material as well as the shape and choice of the stone. We see it as our responsibility to help you to find the perfect sustainable engagement ring regardless of the budget. Our advice: Take some time, ask your siblings, parents or friends. Above all, do not hesitate to contact us for help, call us or book a free appointment. There is nothing better for us than to help you find your perfect engagement ring. We recommend that you start making the decision on time and order the engagement ring at least six weeks before you need it.

frequently asked questions

The engagement ring is traditionally more luxurious than the wedding ring. Engagement rings are usually furnished with a central diamond. However, wedding rings are either usually worn as a band without stones or as a diamond band with several diamonds. Of course, you can also use a diamond band as an engagement ring. Good thing is that you set yourself the boundaries you want.

We recommend that you get involved with the topic of engagement rings as early as possible. After all, it is a symbol of love that stays on the finger throughout your life and it is often purchased without the knowledge of the partner. According to our experience we recommend you start your search 3 months before the engagement party. We also highly recommend that you order the engagement ring no later than 6 weeks. Of course, we would gladly guide you to find the perfect engagement ring.

If the proposal ring is to be worn parallel to the wedding ring, then both rings should be matched. If the rings are worn on different hands, then different styles and accents can be set. If the engagement ring is worn as a front ring to the wedding ring, many things are possible. Even more than you think: A classic engagement ring with a diamond fits almost everything, but a mix of materials can also be exciting. Another option would be to wear the engagement ring as a pendant on a necklace around your neck.

The easiest way would be to look in an existing ring of the partner. Alternatively, we offer some practical tips in our guide to ring size. In addition, we always include a free resizing afterwards.

Many people have certain expectations towards the engagement ring. It is therefore worth asking for example the mother or best friend for their preferences. If the ring doesn’t suit your partner, we can make minor changes to the already purchased ring. If the ring has not been engraved, you can also exchange it. A hot tip from our side: make sure you buy the right size right away.

The engagement ring is usually worn on the left ring finger, but nowadays there are no fixed specifications. Depending on culture and preference, the engagement ring is then assembled on the left or right ring finger alone or with the wedding ring after the wedding.