Cleaning jewelry - the best tips and home remedies

Whether necklace, earring, piercing, bracelet or ring - jewelry accompanies us every day and gives every outfit an elegant and personal touch. To make sure you can enjoy your favourite pieces for a long time to come, we will show you various cleaning methods to make gold, silver, diamond and costume jewelry shine again. And the best thing about it: cleaning is very easy with household products, so you can save yourself a trip to the jeweller!

The most important facts at a glance

The best home remedies: cleaning silver jewelry

How baking soda, washing-up liquid and toothpaste can help you remove dark stains from silver.

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Cleaning gold jewelry: Shining made easy

Whether solid gold or costume jewelry: with these tips and tricks, your favourites will look like new!

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Cleaning earrings: the best tips and home remedies

Ear jewelry immediately catches the eye - all the more important that it is radiantly pure.

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The best home remedies: cleaning silver jewelry

Silver reacts with the hydrogen sulphide in our air and tarnishes as a result. However, the unsightly discoloration can be easily removed with a bath in aluminium foil, salt and hot water. No aluminum foil at home? No problem, a soft toothbrush and some washing-up liquid or toothpaste will clean your jewelry in no time at all.

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Cleaning gold jewelry: Shining made easy

When mixed with other precious metals, gold jewelry is also prone to annoying discoloration. But don't worry: washing-up liquid and baking soda remove minor and major stains in no time at all. Simply mix with a little water and rub into the piece of jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry, on the other hand, should simply be polished with a soft cloth.

Cleaning earrings: the best tips and home remedies

For silver earrings, we recommend cleaning with aluminum foil, salt and hot water or simply with toothpaste; for solid gold earrings, washing-up liquid or baking soda is suitable. For gold-plated jewelry, cleaning with a cloth is often sufficient. Gemstone and pearl earrings should also be cared for gently. Find out how here!

Cleaning and polishing rings: the best tricks

Activities such as shopping, cooking and working put a lot of strain on our rings. It is therefore only logical that dirt and bacteria accumulate and attack the material in the long term. Mild soap or toothpaste are suitable for cleaning your jewelry. The perfect tool: a soft toothbrush.
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Cleaning necklaces: the best home remedies

Do you still have some washing-up liquid at home? Then place your jewelry in a bowl of lukewarm water, add a few drops of detergent and leave it in the water bath for a while. Then rinse the gold chain with clear water and dry it with a soft cloth. We have also summarized the best cleaning tips for silver, diamond, costume jewelry and pearl jewelry chains for you.

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Piercing cleaning made easy: expert tips on piercing care

It is particularly important to keep bacteria away from freshly pierced piercings. This means: keep your hands away, change bed linen regularly and, above all, clean, clean, clean! A saline solution is particularly suitable for this. We'll show you how you can easily make it at home using distilled water and iodized salt.

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Cleaning diamonds properly: for lasting sparkle

Although diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material in the world, you should still handle the sparkling stones with care. Diamond jewelry should always be taken off when doing sports, at the beach or when doing housework or gardening. This not only reduces the risk of loss, but also prevents deposits from forming, which then restrict the sparkle of the gemstone. We also tell you how to clean gemstone jewelry and what you need to bear in mind when storing jewelry with diamonds.

Frequently asked questions

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about cleaning jewelry.

Probably the easiest and best way to get your jewelry clean is to clean it with washing-up liquid. Not only can you use it for all types of jewelry (except costume jewelry), but with washing-up liquid there is also a good chance that you have some at home. Alternatively, you can also use a mild soap. Simply mix it with warm water and leave the jewelry to soak in a water bath. Our tip: cleaning is particularly thorough with a soft brush!

We recommend cleaning every two weeks, especially for pieces of jewelry that are worn frequently. But don't worry: you don't have to use heavy artillery such as aluminum foil and baking soda. It is often enough to polish your ring, chain and other jewelry with a cloth to remove sweat, bacteria and chemicals such as hand cream. As a rule of thumb: as soon as you notice that the surface of your jewelry no longer shines so beautifully or looks dull, a jewelry spa makes sense.

We all know and hate the moment when gold-plated jewelry starts to discolor in some places. Unlike real jewelry, however, this cannot be removed with a simple cleaning. Discoloration is a sign that the gold plating has become detached from your piece of jewelry. The only solution is to visit a goldsmith or selected jeweler to renew the gold plating.

You should always take off fake jewelry in particular before showering or washing your hands. Hot water, scrubs and fragrances cause the gold plating to come off more quickly. Jewelry made of gold or silver is less sensitive. Nevertheless, you should also take them off, as washing gels and the like can settle on the surface of your jewelry and reduce its shine. In addition, the chlorine contained in water and the chemicals in care products can attack the material.

The reason for the unsightly, black discoloration of your silver jewelry is a chemical reaction with hydrogen sulphide in the air. The oxidation results in silver sulphide and the dark discoloration. To at least slow down the process, we recommend storing silver jewelry as airtight as possible, for example in a cloth bag. At Pukka Berlin, we subject our silver pieces to a nano-coating, which slows down the natural oxidation process.

If you clean your jewelry regularly, any dirt should be easy to remove using the cleaning methods shown. However, if the dirt is particularly stubborn, please do not use any aggressive cleaning agents! Instead, a visit to a jeweler may be advisable. For example, ultrasonic devices can be used to thoroughly remove the smallest jewelry particles using sound waves without damaging the jewelry.

Do you have any further questions?

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Whether toothpaste, washing-up liquid or aluminum foil - these household remedies will help you to make your jewelry shine again and enjoy it for a long time. Not only do you save yourself a trip to the jeweler, but cleaning is quick and easy without having to wait too long!

If you would still prefer to have your silver, gold, fashion or diamond jewelry professionally cleaned, you are welcome to visit us at one of our locations in Berlin. You can find us at Torstraße 159 and on the first floor of Bikini Berlin.

We will clean your jewelry thoroughly and gently using an ultrasonic device!
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