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measure ring size


Our ring sizes are based on EU ring sizes. There are several ways to find out your ring size. We have put together a guide for you with the different ways to find out your size. Tips and tricks, as well as an international conversion chart.

If in doubt, feel free to come into one of our shops to measure or visit a jeweller near you.
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your necklace length


We offer two different chain lengths for our Pret line (silver jewelry). Our regular chain, which comes with all the pendants in the Pret line, is 45cm (17.5 inches) long. Alternatively, our long chain is 61cm (24 inches) long. Both are infinitely adjustable to shorten to your desired length.

Our Fine line comes with a thinner 14k gold chain in 45cm length as well as a second hook to reduce the size to about 42cm. For a customized chain, feel free to contact us.
Armreifgröße messen in Gold

determine your bracelet size

bangles & bracelets

The bracelets of the Pret line are equipped with an internal silicone mechanism to adjust the bracelet to your wrist (max. 17.5cm). The bracelets of the other lines have two hooks to adjust the bracelets (17.5cm & 14.5cm).

Our bracelets come in sizes S (approx. 52x43mm), M (57x46mm), L (62x50mm) and XL (65x52mm).

Measure your wrist using a tape and wrap it around your arm. We recommend taking into account whether you want to wear it tight or loose.