Lab-Grown Diamonds

As sparkling and hard as the natural diamonds- only the price is different

Every few years comes a change that is revolutionizing an Industry. The textile industry saw that with nylon, for the photography industry it was the invention of digital cameras. We believe the jewelry industry is having this revolutionary change with Lab-Grown Diamonds. But what are Lab-Grown Diamonds? Lab-Grown Diamonds We know - the word lab-grown almost sounds sinister and scheming, like it came out of a James Cameron movie. But it's nothing more than legal jargon. Lab-Grown Diamonds are very much identical to natural Diamonds - the main difference is the way Lab-Grown Diamonds, well - grow. It is pretty much like the ice in your freezer vs. the ice from the north pole. So, this leaves us with the main questions:
  • What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?
  • What are the differences between Lab-Grown Diamonds and natural Diamonds?
  • Should I rather buy natural Diamonds or Lab-Grown Diamonds?

1. What are Lab-Grown Diamonds? Lab Line Rings

Imagine Diamonds that are chemically identical to naturally mined Diamonds. Physically the same as Diamonds that are hidden in the deepest and darkest earth grounds. Only made by us at a fraction of the price, in the middle of a laboratory. Lab-Grown Diamonds have the same properties, shine as bright and look as good, feel as real as naturally mined Diamonds. In a sense they are real - but legally speaking only natural Diamonds are 'real'. Further, Lab-Grown Diamonds tend to look event better than a cross section of natural Diamonds. This is because their growth and creation is monitored in a controlled environment - another wonder created with humanity’s tryst with perfection. Whilst natural Diamonds tend to vary between I2 and IF in quality, Lab-Grown Diamonds hover around a VS and G. Not that you can't get worse or better, but this is an average.

2. What are the differences between Lab-Grown Diamonds and natural Diamonds?

Provenance The origins of Lab-Grown Diamonds can be traced back more easily to the grower. Since they are produced by machines, they cannot come from mines that support dirty businesses. However, always keep an eye on the origin of Lab-Grown Diamonds, too. Lab-Grown DiamondsValue Lab-Grown Diamonds tend to be more favourable than natural Diamonds - by almost 30% to 40%! While we know that natural Diamonds have quite a stable price due to their rarity and mining, one cannot foresee the price development of Lab-Grown Diamonds though. Sustainability To claim Lab-Grown Diamonds are 100% sustainable isn’t entirely true. Carbon dioxide is still released as a byproduct when manufacturing these Diamonds as well. Some studies that are partly financed by mining companies even claim that their manufacturing process sets free more CO2. We at Pukka Berlin are carbon neutral when it comes to our Lab-Grown Diamonds. Our goal is to be 100% sustainable by 2023.

3. Make your own Choice

Should I buy natural Diamonds or Lab-Grown Diamond jewelry? A question we often hear.

Lab Line Tennis Bracelet

A lot of traditional jewellers are not as fond of Lab-Grown Diamonds, since it goes against their definition of 'fine'. Which stands for exclusivity and unattainability. Our philosophy has been different from the beginning though. Our belief comes from our claim - look good, do good, and feel good. We want to make jewelry attainable yet transparent. And so we believe the choice should be yours to make, and ours to enable. So what's your choice? Check out our Bridal Line, Fine Line or Pret Line with naturally mined Diamonds or our Lab Line with Lab-Grown Diamonds.