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Silver jewelry from Pukka Berlin

Gift tips for Pret Line

Our silver jewelry Pret line is ideally suited as gifts for all jewelry wearers. Our designs are minimalistic and funky at the same time. They are inspired by our origins and combine design with high-quality precious metals and natural stones such as diamond jewelry or sapphire jewelry. Our silver creations are made in 925 sterling silver with nano coating. At the same time we use a very high quality 18k Vermeil gold plating in the colours rose gold and yellow, which makes it more durable and higher quality.
Pukka Berlin closes the gap between real and fashion jewelry. Our jewelry creations such as earrings, necklaces and silver rings are not only visually an eye-catcher but also affordable and made of high quality materials. If you are uncertain about a gift, you can simply benefit from our return policy and exchange the product.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


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Which material do we offer for jewelry

Pukka Berlin offers silver jewelry in a minimalist and funky design. These can be worn by both women and men. We use 925 Sterling Silver, which means that the silver jewelry contains 92.5% copper. Purposely we do not use nickel. This is how we achieve a high-quality and durable alloy. It would not be advisable to create e.g. silver rings from 99.9% silver, as they would be too soft and deform very quickly. Silver with such a high proportion of silver is mainly processed as an investment such as silver coins.
We also offer high quality 18k gold-plated silver jewelries, which can be worn by any gender. Our processed nano-layer ensures that even the gold-plated silver jewelry will not start tarnishing. In addition, we use in the color white a high-quality rhodium coating for white polish.

frequently asked questions

The number 925 stands for the silver percentage. In 925 Sterling Silver the silver percentage is 92.5%. In addition, copper is the main component. We do not use low quality metals like nickel. Sterling silver is the optimum and highest quality alloy for silver jewelry.

A Vermeil gold plating is a very high-quality gold plating of jewelry. It differs from conventional gold plating in the thickness of the gold layer and the quality. A Vermeil gilding must be minimum 2.5 micrometres, with minimum 10k gold and have only sterling silver as a base. We at Pukka Berlin even have 3.0 micrometres of 18k gold on our silver rings.

No, we deliberately avoid these materials at Pukka Berlin. We utilise exclusively the precious metals gold, silver and platinum which do not cause allergic reactions. There are very rare cases of allergies to silver or gold. We highly recommend platinum, which is antiallergenic.

Yes, we recommend removing your jewelry before entering into the chlorinated water, but also in the shower or in salt water. However, Pukka Berlin works with a high-quality nano-coating that prevents the tarnishing of gold-plated silver and silver jewelry.