Diamantring mit versetzten Diamanten im Rund-Schliff am ModelStardust Diamantring in 14k Gelbgold

Stardust Band

From €495,00
Verlobungsring mit seitlichen Diamanten an BrautmodelStardust Ring inspiriert von Wüstenstaubkörnern

Stardust Round Ring

From €1.390,00
Runder SolitärringArch Cross Round Ring

Arch Cross Round Ring

From €850,00
Aster Round RingAster Round Ring

Aster Round Ring

From €790,00
Rainbow Ring mit DiamantenRainbow Ring Gelb

Rainbow Ring

From €595,00
Lily Six Prong RingLily Six Prong Ring

Lily Six Prong Ring

From €840,00
Ovaler DiamantenringAster Oval Ring

Aster Oval Ring

From €840,00
Pukka Berlin Chione Ring - Yellow 2275 kanch baguette band yellow

Chione Ena Ring

From €425,00
Marika XO RingMarika xo Ring Yellow

Marika XO Ring

From €670,00
Peculiar Tiara BandPeculiar Tiara Band

Peculiar Tiara Band

From €860,00

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robuster nachhaltiger Diamantenring mit labgrown Diamanten

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frequently asked questions

First of all, a real diamond has a completely different and much more intense reflection of light, which makes it very different from artificial stones. To check a diamond that is already set, you have two simple, though not perfect, first possibilities: the fog test and the check of the setting. In the fog test, the diamond is breathed on and if it remains fogged, it is probably a fake. Genuine diamonds repel heat and clear up immediately. The other possibility is to look inside the setting. If you find a stamp with the inscription "C.Z"...', this indicates that the set stone is a synthetic stone, the so-called "Cubic Zirconia". Further, diamonds can also be tested by a jeweller. We recommend this in case of doubt, as the above-mentioned methods are not flawless.

In the Pukka Berlin range you will find diamond rings for every budget. Depending on the size and finish of the design, you can budget between €250 and €5,000. Of course, we will focus on your wishes and ideas in order to find the perfect diamond ring. In a cost-free appointment, we can also create your dream diamond ring together with you.

People often talk about diamonds being indestructible due to their extreme hardness. This statement refers to the "cutting hardness" and indirectly says that diamonds can only be scratched with other diamonds. Blows and impacts, in turn, can be very damaging to the stone and destroy it completely.