Diamantring mit versetzten Diamanten im Rund-Schliff am ModelStardust Diamantring in 14k Gelbgold

Stardust Band

From €495,00
Verlobungsring mit seitlichen Diamanten an BrautmodelStardust Ring inspiriert von Wüstenstaubkörnern

Stardust Round Ring

From €1.440,00
Piercing mit drei runden Diamantenminimalistisches Dreier Diamant Piercing

Grace Piercing

Aster Round RingAster Round Ring

Aster Round Ring

From €790,00
Arch Cross Round RingArch Cross Round Ring

Arch Cross Round Ring

From €850,00
Lily Six Prong RingLily Six Prong Ring

Lily Six Prong Ring

From €840,00
Piercing aus Gold mit natürlichen DiamantenVollgoldenes Diamantpiercing mit 2 Schliffen

Daisy Piercing

Lily Tennis BraceletLily Tennis Bracelet Gelb

Lily Tennis Bracelet

From €1.990,00
Rainbow Ring mit DiamantenRainbow Ring Gelb

Rainbow Ring

From €595,00
Aster Oval RingAster Oval Ring

Aster Oval Ring

From €840,00

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We are happy to advise you on buying diamonds, work with you to design your individual piece of jewelry and offer you IGI or GIA certificates.

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Jewelry diamonds from Pukka Berlin

The polarity between natural and lab grown diamonds

At Pukka Berlin, you can choose the degree of carat, colour, purity and the cut of the diamond according to your wishes. In addition to natural diamonds, which we obtain from ethical sources, we also offer lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds have rocked the market, as they are indistinguishable from natural diamonds and are physically and chemically identical. The success behind lab grown diamonds lies in the completely controlled and climate-neutral production as well as the price-performance ratio. A diamond grown on the earth over billions of years on the contrary, has its own charm. Take a look at our Lab Line or Bridal Line and see for yourself.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



Our founding story

Pukka Berlin was founded by three friends Aalay, Max and Taj. They met during their Masters in England and they figured out that they share similar concepts and ideas. Minimalist and funky jewelry designs and shared corperate philosophy: Fair, Fine, & Fast Jewelry.
The original idea led to the founding of Pukka Berlin in 2017. Since then, we have been producing high-quality, fair and sustainable jewelry from our own production. Our handmade jewelry closes the gap between real and fashion jewelry. At the same time, they guarantee the highest level of integrity and quality through our completely custom designed value chain. Pukka Berlin stands for jewelry that not only ensures an elegant appearance, but can also be worn with a clear conscience.

frequently asked questions

If you want to buy a diamond for your engagement ring, one of the most important criteria is choosing the diamond shape. The shape of a diamond has an enormous effect on the appearance of the diamond. The most popular cut is the brilliant cut, also called the round cut. A classic alternative to this is the oval cut. If you want the diamond cut to be more modern, then we offer the princess or emerald cut. The teardrop cut is a classy variation that gives a refined and sophisticated look. We also offer many other cuts as well. Please also note that the sparkle of a diamond depends on four other factors: colour, clarity, cut and carat. If you want to know more about this, take a look at our Diamond Guide or feel free to contact us about.

We basically offer two sources of diamonds: cultivated diamonds and natural diamonds. We will give you the choice. Our natural diamonds are sourced in compliance with a wide range of global standards through traditional diamond mining, including the Kimberly Protocol. Our lab grown diamonds grow CO₂-neutral certified in our in-house laboratory. The diamond range of Pukka Berlin is subject to the highest quality standards. In principle, we only offer diamonds with SI clarity, colour H and a very good cut.
This is why we can demonstrate to you all the higher quality diamonds. In addition, we offer GIA and IGI certifications. These certificates mean that the diamond has been evaluated and certified by an independent assessment institute. Furthermore, all our cultivated diamonds from 0.5ct always come with an IGI certificate.

A diamond certificate is a diamond expertise. This is issued by an independent and recognised institute. The diamonds are examined there by a team of gemologists or diamond experts, according to different, world-wide same criteria. The following criteria are evaluated: shape (cut), carat weight (carat), colour (colour), purity (clarity), polish (polish), symmetry and fluorescence. In addition, the type of inclusions, as well as other evaluative information, are documented. We recommend purchasing diamonds starting from 0.5ct only with a certificate. A certification is generally only beneficial for stones with a carat weight of approx. 0.20 carats. We offer GIA and IGI certifications. This applies to our lab grown diamonds as well as our natural diamonds.

The diamonds normally do not require much care. Just keep in mind that a lack of polish indicates that you should clean your piece of jewelry again. Very often you will find dirt (cream, skin particles, chalk) sticks to the underside of a diamond and causes it not to shine as much. It is recommended not to touch it with your fingers, since it can leave a greasy film behind. Certainly, it is important to take proper care of the material and especially the setting which is holding the diamonds.
We highly recommend that you keep our jewelry protected in one of our Pukka jewelry boxes. In case if you do sports or swimming, wash the dishes, clean or shower, you should always take off your jewelry. On the one hand, the metal is attacked by aggressive substances. On the other hand hard bumps can damage the setting of the diamonds as well. If possible, diamonds should be professionally cleaned by a specialist. If you have your diamonds cleaned by us, our staff will also check the setting for you. Our jewelry cleaning set, which consists of a cleaning spray and a soft microfibre cloth is suitable for occasional purposes.