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Bracelets from Pukka Berlin

Whether in a ball gown or a bikini - a bracelet for every occasion

A piece of jewellery gathering dust in your jewellery box is a sad sight. At Pukka Berlin, we have made it our goal to design jewellery that you won't want to take off anytime soon. This is one of the reasons why the bracelets in our collections are so popular. What also stands out is the high quality of our handmade jewellery, which guarantees that it can be worn for years. With our wide range and the different styles of our bracelets, we reflect the current trends and always stay up to date. Our Bauhaus Custom Ceramic Bracelet embodies the sobriety and functionality of the Bauhaus style, making it an all-rounder for your everyday wear. You can customise it according to your taste in different materials and numerous colours. Do you like it more sparkling? Then we recommend either the Chione Tria Bracelet or the Tri Bezel Bracelet. The necklaces, each set with three diamonds, are your ideal companion for any occasion. Both are also available in single diamond versions.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



The importance of arm jewellery

Excavations show that arm jewellery has been worn as long as humans have existed. In modern times, however, hardly anyone would tie a string with animal bones around their wrist. What has not changed until today, however, is the meaning of arm jewellery. It is a symbol to express personality, but also belonging. For example, a real Viking could be identified by his bracelet. The richer and more powerful a person was, the more arm jewellery he or she wore. To make you able to wear a lot of jewellery on your wrist, you can easily combine our bracelets with different cuffs. With our jewellery, you are not only trendy but also a guaranteed eye-catcher in every situation.

frequently asked questions

Bauhaus was an art school founded in 1919, which represented a fusion of art and craft. At Pukka Berlin, we wanted to do just that and therefore designed an entire collection in the Bauhaus style. We have created our pieces in this functional and sober style so that they can be worn every day and everywhere.

We offer our jewellery in three different colours: yellow, white and rose gold. The pieces are either made of a silver core, which is coated with a vermeil gold plating, or of full gold. For solid gold jewellery, you have the choice between 14 and 18 carat. 18-karat gold is more precious than 14-karat gold because of its higher gold content. However, it is also softer and more susceptible to scratches due to the higher gold content.

No, we don't only offer jewellery for women. We have deliberately designed most of our jewellery to be unisex so that they can be worn by both women and men. This means that you can also go out with your girlfriend's or boyfriend's ring.