Our Pret Line features a variety of silver jewelry collections that are inspired by our travels around the World, by nature and by traditions. Each jewelry piece in this line is handcrafted by our artisans using certified and partly recycled 925 Sterling Silver. The colours yellow and rose are made out of 18k Gold-plated silver. All the Diamonds and colour stones used in these silver jewelry collections are sustainably sourced and cut inhouse.

Tembo Collection

Our Tembo collection is our flagship. Characterized by its signature minimal and fluid tusk design, this collection is inspired by the mighty elephants of Kenya. Tembo, which means elephant in Swahili, is intended to make a strong statement. Every 15 minutes an innocent elephant in Africa loses its life to the brutality of poaching. That's why we donate 20% of all profits made from this line to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya to support anti-poaching initiatives.

Jodphur collection

Inspired by the cultural capital of Rajasthan, the Jodhpur collection is our interpretation of the Blue City. Using ancient Indian jewelry making techniques and traditions, this collection offers an explosion of color and delicate embellishments. It showcases a modern twist on ethnic Indian jewelry, giving it a clean, minimalist and eclectic look. Our Jodhpur collection uses natural rubies and sapphires that are typical of the region.

Bauhaus collection

Inspired by the German Bauhaus movement of the 1920s, this collection attempts to level out the distinction between fine and applied art and reunite manufacturing and creativity. It features delicate, translucent geometric shapes that translate into elegant, easy-to-wear forms. Our Bauhaus collection makes extensive use of ceramics, which was a common element at the time. It is best described as seductive minimalism.

personalisierbarer Schmuck mit Keramik

luna collection

Inspired by our iconic Jodhpur bead band, the Luna collection replaces the metal beads with cabochon moonstones, reflecting the dreamy white winter days. Since ancient times, moonstones have been known for their calming yet invigorating effect on women through the power of the moon. Each moonstone is handpicked to create a rustic and unprocessed feel.

Specials Collection

Pukka Specials are pieces of jewelry that celebrate significant moments, places and ideologies. This collection combines experimentation and ingenuity to create original pieces that are truly unique. Pukka Specials are limited to a certain number of pieces and are then discontinued indefinitely. This is what makes them so charming and magical.

Serpentine collection

Our Serpentine collection is inspired by the Naga, a snake-like deity in Indian mythology that protects everything of value and guards thresholds. She is therefore often depicted as having two heads. Our snake jewelry collection also acts as a gateway between worlds and personalities. It combines symbolism with functionality and, like a two-headed snake, its design unites two personalities.

Schlangenstrukturierter Schmuck in 925 Sterlingsilber
Model trägt Schmuckset mit bunten Keramikmustern

Ikat collection

Our Ikat collection is our interpretation of the famous Indian textile tradition. An explosion of playful colors in geometric patterns. The mix of two bold ceramic colors for our minimalist Ikat interpretation. Each piece is handcrafted in sterling silver with 18k vermeil gold plating and ceramic. A perfect summer collection to take with you on your adventures.