Cleaning gold jewelry: Shining made easy

Gold jewelry adds a personal and elegant touch to any outfit - whether it's solid gold or gold-plated jewelry. However, to ensure that your favorites continue to attract all eyes, we would like to give you a few simple methods to clean and care for them - for a lasting and durable shine. All you need is a few household remedies that you are guaranteed to have at home!

Why your gold jewelry needs regular care

Only gold jewelry that is made of 100% gold is protected against tarnishing. However, this is rarely the case. This is because gold is a very soft metal that would easily bend in its sole form. For this reason, gold is mixed with other metals in the jewelry industry to make it more stable and less susceptible to scratches. For example, 14k gold has a 58.5 percent gold content and 18k gold has a 75 percent gold content. However, alloying with other metals also causes them to react with hydrogen sulphide in the air and tarnish the gold jewelry. Dust particles, dirt, cream and skin flakes add to this and your gold jewelry looks dirty. But don't worry: with a few simple tricks, the popular precious metal will shine like new. The more regularly you look after your jewelry, the longer you will be able to enjoy it. Keep scrolling!

The most important facts at a glance

Cleaning gold jewelry with detergent

Use dishwashing liquid for a quick shine.

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Miracle cure baking powder

This makes cleaning jewelry really fun!

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When nothing else helps: boil gold jewelry

All you need is hot water and a toothbrush.

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The exception: gold-plated jewelry

We recommend gentler care for your gold-plated favorites.

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Cleaning gold jewelry with detergent

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Simple but effective: For the first cleaning method, all you need is a small bowl, washing-up liquid or soap, a soft toothbrush and a cloth. And off you go:

First, mix a few drops of washing-up liquid or soap with warm water (not hot) in the bowl. Then place the dirty gold jewelry in the bowl and leave it to rest for a few minutes.

Now you can take the soft toothbrush and gently scrub your gold jewelry until all the dirt has disappeared. You can then rinse the jewelry with clear water and dry and polish it with a soft cloth. That's it!

Miracle cure baking powder

Let's continue with a household remedy that probably everyone has at home: Baking powder or baking soda. With this method, you can see the cleaning effect particularly well, which is why it's actually really fun. But be careful: if you have gold jewelry with gemstones, pearls or enamel, it's better to use a different cleaning technique! Let's get started:
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Step 1: Make the paste

First, put two tablespoons of baking powder or baking soda in a small bowl and add enough warm water to form a thick paste.
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Step 2: Massage in the gold jewelry

Reibe das Schmuckstück nun vorsichtig mit der Paste ein. Hierfür kannst du entweder deine Hände oder eine weiche Zahnbürste verwenden. Alternativ kannst du die Paste auch mit Wasser verdünnen und deinen Schmuck darin einweichen lassen. 

Goldohrring abspülen Pukka Berlin

Step 3: Rinse the jewelry

As soon as you notice an effect, you can rinse the gold jewelry under lukewarm water and repeat the process if necessary.
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Step 4: Drying the piece of jewelry

Finally, dry and polish your darling with a cloth. You'll be amazed at its newfound shine!

When nothing else helps: boil gold jewelry

If stubborn dirt and tarnish cannot be removed with the household remedies listed, there is another alternative option for cleaning gold jewelry. But please note: the piece of jewelry to be cleaned should be solid gold without gemstones or gold plating!

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First place your tarnished gold jewelry in a heat-resistant bowl and slowly pour boiled water over it until it is completely covered. You should then allow the water to cool before removing the jewelry from the bowl and scrubbing it carefully with a soft toothbrush. Finally, dry the piece of jewelry with a soft cloth. Done!

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The exception: gold-plated jewelry

Although our gold-plated jewelry is high-quality vermeil gold-plated with 18 carat gold and is therefore far more durable than conventional costume jewelry, it should not be cleaned in the same way as solid gold jewelry. Of course, this also applies to gold-plated jewelry that you have not purchased from us. Due to the gold plating, these pieces of jewelry are more sensitive and more susceptible to discoloration and scratches. That's why we'll show you below what you should look out for when handling gold-plated jewelry.

The right storage

As moisture and humidity can damage the gold plating on your jewelry, you should dry it before storing it and keep it in a dry place. This means you should avoid storing it in the bathroom or near windows, also because of the harmful UV radiation.

Dealing with gold-plated jewelry in everyday life

The sensitivity to moisture means that gold-plated necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings should be taken off before exercising or showering. This also applies in particular to rings when washing your hands.

You should also avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume, hand cream or cleaning agents as much as possible. These can affect the shine and color of your favorite rings under certain circumstances.

Caring for gold-plated jewelry

As already mentioned, gold-plated jewelry should be cleaned and cared for as gently as possible. Home remedies such as baking soda and washing-up liquid, as well as the friction caused by brushing, are not good for the gold plating and should therefore be avoided.

Instead, we recommend simply polishing gold-plated jewelry with a soft cloth, e.g. a glasses cloth, to remove sweat or chemicals. The more regularly, the better. For stubborn stains, you can use warm water for cleaning, but you should dry the jewelry afterwards.

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Jewelry care with the Pukka cleaning spray

Probably the easiest and quickest way to clean your gold jewelry is with our Pukka cleaning spray. It contains 5% anionic surfactants, which not only remove dirt from your gold and costume jewelry, but also from your silver, platinum and diamond jewelry. The spray head applies an optimal amount of spray to your jewelry so that nothing is wasted. We then recommend polishing your gold jewelry with a microfibre cloth. Alternatively, you can also use a cotton cloth.
Pukka Berlin Reinigungsspray
And the best thing about it: the 30 ml spray fits in every handbag and is therefore the perfect companion when traveling. Especially as baking powder and the like are often not to hand. You can buy the spray both online and in our stores in Berlin and Munich. Buy now


Although gold is a robust and durable precious metal that is made to last forever, it is advisable to look after your favorite gold items regularly. Contact with the skin, chemicals and dust can cause your gold to tarnish or look dirty. To make your favorite gold jewelry shine again, you usually don't need to visit a jeweller. With the methods and home remedies shown here, you can easily do this at home. It can even be fun to clean gold and watch the before-and-after effect.

Whether it's solid gold or gold-plated - if your jewelry has lost its shine and you would prefer a professional cleaning, you can visit us in one of our stores in Berlin or Munich and get advice on individual questions. Whether earrings or bracelets, we will take care of your gold jewelry professionally and free of charge.

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