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Initials bracelets from Pukka Berlin

A personal gift

At Pukka, our focus is to bridge the gap between genuine jewelry and costume jewelry. Because often jewelry is either prohibitively expensive or of questionable quality. Our goal is to offer jewelry that is affordable, yet does not sacrifice quality. This is made possible by our in-house manufacturing in Bombay. Under the direction of our co-founder Aalay, your letter bracelet is not only designed here, but also responsibly handcrafted for you. In this way, we are able to respond to individual wishes on your part. Our initial necklaces are therefore personal in two ways: not only are they a personal gift, but they are also made personally for you.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



Sustainable initials bracelet

An integral part of our Pukka Promise is our commitment to sustainability. The foundation for this is a sustainable value chain. That's why we use only recycled gold for your letter bracelet. In addition, your jewelry is cut and polished using state-of-the-art machinery and the most efficient production processes. We continuously strive to make our manufacturing process completely CO2-neutral. Finally, your bracelet with letter will be packed in partially recycled paper packaging and shipped to you using DHL's GoGreen service.

frequently asked questions

Our initial bracelet comes in 17.5cm length, and the size can be reduced by 3cm with a second hook. If you need a different length, please contact us for your personalized bracelet.

We can make the letter bracelet with lab diamonds for you. Feel free to write us for this so that we can send you a quote.

We can make a personalized bracelet for you using different letters, numbers or symbols. Please send us an email to and we will make you an offer.

Since our letter bracelet is made entirely of 14 karat gold, it is a lifelong companion for its wearer. You are welcome to have your bracelet cleaned by us from time to time free of charge.