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Bracelet with diamonds by Pukka Berlin

Diamond jewellery for your wrist

Pukka Berlin offers you a variety of diamond bracelets. The variations range from bracelets with single diamonds to full diamond bracelets. The best seller is our Lily Tennis Bracelet, which lets you choose the diamond size and material type.
The stones used at Pukka Berlin are of high quality, clear in colour and set in high quality settings. Our diamond jewellery is available in yellow, white and rose gold - so you can perfectly match your piece of jewellery to your look. You can choose between a natural diamond or a lab grown one. Lab-grown diamonds do not differ visually from natural ones. They have the same chemical properties as a naturally grown diamond. If you would like to learn more about the innovative topic of lab grown diamonds, please take a look here.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



Das Reinigen Deines Schmuckstückes

Hand cream, dirt or other influences can tarnish the diamonds on your bracelet. You can easily make them sparkle again with a toothbrush and a little washing-up liquid. If you want to clean it more professionally, you can also order our jewellery cleaning spray. The spray is best applied in combination with a microfibre cloth. Thanks to the compact spray bottle, it fits into any handbag, so you can easily make your jewellery sparkle again after applying the cream to your hands.
You don't have to worry about scratching your diamond during the cleaning process. A diamond is the hardest material in the world and can only be damaged by another diamond.

frequently asked questions

A tennis bracelet is a bracelet that is fully set with many diamonds. It is very elegant and is one of the classic pieces of jewellery that every woman should own.

The world famous American tennis player Chris Evert wore a diamond bracelet during an important tennis match in 1987. However, the match had to be interrupted because the bracelet slipped off her wrist. The match was not resumed until she recovered her diamond bracelet on the court, which from then on was only called a tennis bracelet.

For such a high-quality piece of jewellery as our tennis bracelet, we have designed a noble and safe sliding clasp with an additional safety mechanism. This is also very discreet and hardly noticeable. It is the combination of noble design, security and sparkling diamonds that makes the tennis bracelet by Pukka Berlin stand out so much.