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Diamond earrings from Pukka Berlin

Real diamond jewelry from Pukka Berlin

Pukka Berlin is the fusion of three different cultures, based on a common design idea. We wanted to create modern minimalist, unique forms that convey our diverse global origins locally. Our diamonds and colored stones are ethically sourced and fulfil the Responsible Jewelry Council, Best Practice Principles and Kimberly Compliances.
One of our sources of inspiration for our sustainable diamond earrings are flowers.
Our sustainable diamond jewelry such as the Hyacinth Cushion Halo earrings imitate a hyacinth flower floating on the water. Their design gives the impression as if the diamonds were floating. The Lily Pear Danglers are modelled after the shape of the beautiful lily. These lab grown diamonds can be worn as an eye-catching wedding accessory or on special occasions.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



Minimalism and cultural diversity

The most beautiful pieces of jewelry are those with a story. The diamond jewelry in our collections with different cultural influences is interpreted by us in a minimalist yet modern, sustainable but funky way. The diamonds come from natural sources or are cultivated in our in-house laboratory. A diamond cultivated in the laboratory is largely identical to natural diamonds. The main difference is the way of how the so-called lab grown diamonds grow. Thus, natural as well as lab Diamonds are rated similarly on their shape, colour, purity and carat weight. The origin of a diamond cultivated in the lab is easier to trace back to its origin, which is particularly important for our supply chain and our conscience. Fortunately, with progress, diamonds have become an everyday symbol of love.

frequently asked questions

Choosing the perfect diamond can be complex. What size, colour quality and clarity? And which cut and shapes? To find the right diamond for you, we highly recommend starting with these following questions:

What is your budget?
What kind of style do you prefer?
Should it be suitable for everyday look?
Last but not least are sustainability and the manufacture relevant to you?

All these questions may not be answered right away. That’s why we have summarised our Diamond Guide as well as other guidelines on our website under the category Wedding.
It would give us great pleasure to consult you in person as well as virtually.

Each diamond is unique and expresses its individual characteristics. The quality of a diamond depends on the 4Cs which are carat, clarity, colour and cut. Carat determines the weight of the diamond. The clarity quantifies the amount of enclaves in the stone. The colour indicates the stone colour, whereby a diamond is of high quality if it is whiter/pure. The cut measures how well the stone has been cut in its proportions for optimal colour rendering. Find more detailed information about diamond grades in our 4C’s Guide. For larger diamonds, we recommend using a certified stone that independently confirms the quality.

Diamond earrings give you the special sparkle on your ears. Diamonds sparkle with their many facets from different angles and even in low light, which makes them so fascinating. In addition, diamond earrings are seen as real luxury jewelry. Our sustainable diamond earrings in the form of stud earrings or hoops. You can choose from a wide range of variants – whether small or large, long or short, eye-catching or simple diamond earrings. By the way: We offer not only natural diamonds, but also lab grown diamonds, which are produced in a CO2-neutral way.

Diamonds are often referred to as the cut, when actually the shape is meant. The cut of the diamond determines how well the light is reflected in the diamond.
The shape refers to the design. We offer the brilliant, princess, emerald, oval, baguette and drop shapes.

There are different classic earring sizes. Our small closed earrings (creoles) are usually 12mm big. This is the perfect height for diamond earrings to glamorise elegantly around your ear. If you prefer larger diamond earrings we recommend at least a size of 20mm for closed designs. Open earrings with diamonds can be worn in a variety of shapes. Dangling earrings are recommended if you want to extend your face from the appearance. In addition, hanging diamond earrings sparkle particularly in the light, due to the constant movement. Connectors also support the different facial shapes, whereby diamond shapes are especially important. Each diamond shape has a different effect.