Grand Half Domed BandGrand Half Domed Band

Grand Half Domed Band

From €645,00
Grand Linear BandGrand Linear Band

Grand Linear Band

From €695,00
Medium Linear BandMedium Linear Band

Medium Linear Band

From €450,00
Petite Linear BandPetite Linear Band

Petite Linear Band

From €355,00
Peculiar Tiara BandPeculiar Tiara Band

Peculiar Tiara Band

From €860,00
Grand Phlox BandGrand Phlox Band

Grand Phlox Band

From €970,00
Schlichter Ring in Gelbgold mit geflochtenem MusterZierlicher Ring in Gelbgold mit geflochtenem Muster

Petite Braided Band

From €490,00
Pyara Diamantring am ModelPyara Ring im Prinzessinnenschliffdesign in 14k Gelbgold

Pyara Ring

From €795,00
Eleganter Ring mit 15 Lab-DiamantenDezenter Ring in Gold mit Lab-Diamanten verziert

Zip Band

From €640,00
Medium Phlox BandMedium Phlox Band

Medium Phlox Band

From €590,00
Model trägt den Ehering in KombinationEleganter Ehering in gelbgold

Grand Domed Band

From €760,00

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Wedding rings by Pukka Berlin

Wedding rings and sets for couples

We celebrate relationships and love in every way that can be represented. All wedding rings are characterised by their extraordinary design and live up to the highest quality standards. The wedding ring is a special symbol to be the connecting element to the wedding ring of the partner. It can be the material, colour, motif or even the engraving.
Of course, there is the possibility to select a design and then add a personal touch.
We have the expertise in personalising jewelry and we offer engravings or other personal details to your wedding ring. We put a lot of value on the fit and comfort of our sustainable wedding rings to be suitable for everyday use. Most of our wedding rings are designed to match all of our engagement rings or to be worn as anniversary rings. Just take a look at our online shop and get inspired.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



The choice of wedding ring

With the large selection of wedding rings, it is particularly difficult to find the perfect ring. We recommend thinking about an element which will connect the couple. This could be a design, feeling, place or just simply something that connects both of you. Our mission is to support you in finding the perfect ring. Our advice: Make sure that both of you feel comfortable and that you can find something which you will wear throughout your marriage. It does not have to be the same wedding rings, it can also be the same material or a common engraving. As a wedding ring advisor, we can consult you personally on site or conveniently digitally from home. For us, there is nothing more beautiful than to support you in choosing the perfect wedding ring. One last tip: take care of the symbol of love at least two months before the wedding!

frequently asked questions

Nowadays wedding rings can be worn on both hands. Depending on the culture, wedding rings are worn on the right or left. In Germany, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the right hand, as well as in Poland and Austria. In many other European countries and the USA wedding rings are worn on the left.

We believe this is clearly up to you to choose whatever you prefer. At the same time, we always find it lovely to have a connecting element for your wedding rings. For instance the same material or an engraving which can be found in both rings. We offer classic or diamond wedding rings which belong to our bestsellers.

We recommend you to read our blog posts to find your perfect wedding ring. Here you will find answers about shapes, materials, sizes and more. If they are not helpful enough or if you wish for a personal consultation, please book a free appointment with us, online or on site.

Please contact us if you urgently need wedding bands for your ceremony. We offer the free service to borrow wedding bands in case you ordered rings with us that don’t come in time.