Verlobungsring mit laborgezüchtetem Emerald-DiamantLab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Petite Emerald Ring

From €365,00
Helix Ring rosHelix Ring Gold

Helix Ring

From €269,00
Petite Braided BandPetite Braided Band

Petite Braided Band

From €460,00
Verlobungsring mit laborgezüchtetem Pear-DiamantDiamantring mit Tropfenschliff

Petite Pear Ring

From €365,00
Petite Lab-Diamant im OvalschliffLab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Petite Oval Ring

From €365,00
Helix Ring Gold mit DiamantenHelix Ring Gold mit Diamanten

Helix Diamond Ring

From €695,00
Rainbow Ring YellowRainbow Ring Gelb

Rainbow Ring

From €495,00
Princess Wire Stack Ring, Infinity Stack Ring, Round Bezel Wire Stack Ring, Essentials Micro Diamond Band295 infinity stack ring yellow

Infinity Stack Ring

From €345,00
293 moon stack ring 294 star stack ring yellow294 Star stack ring yellow

Star Stack Ring

From €295,00
293 moon stack ring 294 star stack ring yellow293-moon-stack-ring-yellow

Moon Stack Ring

From €275,00

Filigree rings from Pukka Berlin

filigraner Ehering aus nachhaltigen Materialien

Delicate rings

Please look at our filigree rings from our new Helix Collection. It stands for freedom and exuberance. It is modern and innovative at the same time. Our Helix rings are the epitome of filigree rings. The Helix Diamond Ring embodies strength despite its open shape, as it is made from hand-drawn gold wire combined with hand-set natural diamonds.
If you prefer a minimalist piece of jewellery, the 14-carat solid gold Helix Ring is a good choice. It isn’t set with diamonds and therefore attracts because of its shape.
Our Rainbow Ring is also a dainty ring, but the design is more colourful and eye-catching because of the various sapphires. This ladies' ring is inspired by the Indian Holy Festival.
Feel free to browse our product range and find jewellery in different designs with impressive details. Pukka Berlin offers gold-plated silver rings, gold rings and platinum rings.

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Filigree rings as the perfect gift

Filigree rings are ideal as a gift for women. Because of their simplicity, they can be easily combined and worn on any occasion and every day.
A ring is the perfect gift. The recipient always carries it with her and therefore always remembers the person from whom she got the gift. Especially with a filigree ring you can hardly go wrong. However, you need to know the ring size if you are going to order one or buy one from our store. Either ask the person or borrow a ring from them to have it measured by us or your trusted jeweller.

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frequently asked questions

We have two stores in Berlin. You can find our store at Budapester Straße 46 in the Bikini Haus and our Bridal showroom at Torstraße 150 in Berlin. Feel free to drop by and get personal advice. You can also book an appointment through our website.

Yes, you can also get advice from us online. Just follow this link and make an appointment today.

Our minimalist and funky designs are inspired by our cultures, nature as well as travels around the world. Each of our collections has a very personal meaning to us. Feel free to read more about our inspirations at each collection.

At Pukka Berlin, we offer our jewelry in three types of gold - yellow, white and rose gold. However, the gold alloys can have 6 other shades from black to blue. In this process, fine gold, which is yellow, is mixed (alloyed) with other metals, which ultimately determine the colour and hardness of the alloy. In rose gold, for example, a high copper content provides the reddish colour. Green gold is achieved by adding silver. However, since many of these alloys break easily or do not look particularly aesthetic, the jewellery industry almost exclusively uses white, yellow and rose gold.