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Cross necklaces from Pukka Berlin

Religious cross necklaces

The religious cross necklaces are part of our Fine Line Collection. It characteristically stands for timeless and rare diamond jewellery. The basic symbol for christianity is minimalist and classic for any look. Our cross necklaces are made of at least 14 carat full gold. The sustainably processed gold is mined and transported under fair conditions. The natural diamonds, sourced from ethical mines, are in SI clarity and almost colourless with an H classification.
You are welcome to try on any of the jewellery pieces in our Berlin store or order them directly to your home. Your order will arrive within a few days to put a smile on your face.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



Wear cross necklaces with a clear conscience

Our two Pukka Berlin cross necklaces are adorned with natural diamonds. Thanks to the specially created and controlled supply chain, Pukka Berlin can guarantee that the raw materials are mined sustainably and the employees are paid fairly. This applies not only to our diamonds, but also to our coloured stones, as well as the processed gold and silver.
Thanks to Madonna, cross necklaces have represented, in addition to their religious significance, a fashion statement since the eighties. Are you looking for a gift for a strong personality? Then take advantage of the symbolic power of our cross pendants and order your sustainable and stylish piece of jewellery today. The necklaces by Pukka Berlin are ideal as gifts, because the jewellery is not only convincing because of its minimalist design, but also because you can give and wear it with a clear conscience. The Petite Diamond Cross Necklace is adorned with six diamonds and the Medium Diamond Cross Necklace has 16 diamonds.

frequently asked questions

Yes, the cross necklaces are made of 14 carat full gold. We offer them in yellow, white and rose gold.

When your jewellery will arrive depends on your country of order and whether the jewellery is in stock. Here are some general estimates:
Germany: 2-3 working days
EU: 2-4 working days
USA: 6-8 working days
Canada: 6-8 working days
Africa, Asia, Oceania: 14-19 working days
Jewellery which is not in stock will take approximately 3-6 weeks to arrive at your door.

We source our natural diamonds, which have grown under the earth for millions of years, from ethical mines. This means that we require fair pay and decent working conditions at the mines