Model trägt vergoldete Kreolen in zwei verschiedenen Größengroße vergoldetet Kreolen die zum Ende hin spitzer verlaufen

Tembo Open Hoops

From €149,00
Bauhaus Custom Hoops218 bauhaus custom ceramic hoops yellow-turquoise

Bauhaus Custom Hoops

From €149,00
Model trägt kleine und mittlere vergoldete Kreolen in Kombinationvergoldete kleine Kreolen, die nach hinten spitz verlaufen

Tembo Mini Hoops

From €119,00
Petite Plain Ohrringe GelbPetite Hoops Yellow

Petite Hoops

From €119,00
Nimbus Grand C KreolenNimbus Grand C Kreolen Gelb

Nimbus Grand C Hoops

From €99,00
Braid Earrings 2 - White249 Pukka Braid Hoops Yellow 2

Braid Hoops

From €195,00
Luna Medium HoopsLuna Medium Hoops

Luna Medium Hoops

From €279,00
Große Halbkreolen 18k vergoldet in Gold am ModelGroße Halbkreolen 18k vergoldet in Gold

Mota Large Hoops

From €175,00
Bauhaus Rainbow HoopsBauhaus Rainbow Hoops

Bauhaus Rainbow Hoops

From €169,00

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Earrings silver: Delightful creation for every occasion

Timeless hoops and ear studs from noble silver

Silver has a bactericidal effect and was already used in ancient times for the production of cups, plates and jewelry. Silver earrings have a modern, elegant and dignified effect. They exude a certain sophistication and glamour and are therefore universally popular among ladies and gentlemen. Our diverse assortment offers different types of earrings for every taste. One of our favorite creations are the Ceramic Snow Disc earrings. These noble ear studs bring shine to your ear. With their round shape and silver color, they are reminiscent of the moon and convey clarity and strength. The Braided Braid Creoles are an especially sophisticated item. Inspired by nautical ropes, the creoles combine minimalism and eclecticism, which gives the silver earrings a fluid and organic feel. For those who want their earrings to stand out, our extravagant Asha Diamond creoles are sure to impress. This model combines 18k gold and sterling silver with natural diamonds. Inspired by the world's largest oasis, these creoles are perfect for special occasions.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



Sustainable and fair earrings in silver from Pukka Berlin

Making high quality jewelry at a reasonable price is our great passion. At Pukka Berlin we offer you stylish silver jewelry that is sustainably and fairly made. All our silver earrings are made of 925 sterling silver with nano coating. For the silver earrings in the colors yellow and rosé we use a high-quality 18k vermeil gold plating.

Our ear jewelry convinces not only by its elegant and timeless look, but also by its quality and durability. By the complete renunciation of nickel and use of copper we achieve a high-quality alloy, which is particularly compatible for the skin and can be worn by allergy sufferers. If you have any questions or individual wishes, we offer you free consultation appointments in person or online. We are looking forward to your questions!

frequently asked questions

Jewelry made of pure silver would be too soft and would deform quickly. For our earrings we work with 925 sterling silver. This means that the silver earrings contain 92.5% silver and have copper components. We completely avoid the use of nickel in our silver jewelry, so our entire range is allergy friendly.

Earrings can be made of almost any material, but not every material is skin-friendly. Surgical steel and precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and titanium are particularly allergy-friendly and good for the skin.

Normal 925 silver can discolor after some time. However, this is prevented by us through our applied nano layer. Even our gold plated silver jewelry does not tarnish. For the color white, we also use a coating of high-quality rhodium, which provides a brilliant white shine. This makes our jewelry particularly durable and does not discolor.