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Personalised bracelets as an expression of yourself

Bauhaus-style gold jewellery for your wrist

Pukka Berlin has put a lot of heart into developing bracelets that are hard to beat in terms of personal touch and taste. The Bauhaus Custom Ceramic bracelet consists of a size-adjustable chain and a decorative ceramic element that gives the classic jewellery design a modern look in the style of the Bauhaus movement from the 1920s. The special thing about it is that you can order both the chain and the ceramic in the colours of your choice and thus receive a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece. You can choose between yellow-gold, rose-gold or sterling silver with nano coating for the chain. In addition, you can choose from over 20 colours for the ceramic style element. If you are looking for an unusual gift idea, you can also order two bracelets as partner bracelets and thus signal pure affection. Let your creativity run wild and be sure that you will create a very personal piece of jewellery with a bracelet from Pukka Berlin.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



Responsibility and sustainability merge into honest jewellery

Thanks to our own supply chain and seamlessly integrated control bodies, we have the opportunity to make both the sourcing of materials and the production of jewellery as transparent and fair as possible. In this way, we create fine jewellery of the highest quality while ensuring maximum sustainability and fairness. With a bracelet from the Pukka Berlin online shop, you follow the trend towards products from fair production and enjoy stylish pieces of jewellery at the same time. Whether you want to personalise it for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, the effect of colour and elegance adds a unique personal touch to any favourite outfit.

frequently asked questions

This is a high quality alloy of 925 silver base, which has been plated with 18 carat gold using electrolysis. In contrast to a conventional gold plating, gold vermeil is of a significantly higher quality, as it is plated with higher quality gold, only with sterling silver base as well as thicker than a conventional gold plating.

Our bracelets with adjustable chain will easily fit any wrist. Here you don't have to worry about the size because the chain can be adjusted to the desired length. Bracelets without a chain are available in small, medium, large and, depending on the design, extra large.

Jewellery from our stock is usually sent within 2-3 working days within Germany. We do not have personalised bracelets in stock. These are handmade, which is why it can take around 3-6 weeks until you receive your bracelet. We are also happy to deliver abroad. Delivery times vary between 2-4 working days within the EU, 6-8 working days to the USA and Canada or 14-19 working days to other regions such as Africa and Asia.