Grand Half Domed BandGrand Half Domed Band

Grand Half Domed Band

From €645,00
Grand Linear BandGrand Linear Band

Grand Linear Band

From €695,00
Medium Linear BandMedium Linear Band

Medium Linear Band

From €450,00
Aster Round RingAster Round Ring

Aster Round Ring

From €790,00
Runder SolitärringArch Cross Round Ring

Arch Cross Round Ring

From €850,00
Lily Six Prong RingLily Six Prong Ring

Lily Six Prong Ring

From €840,00
Ovaler DiamantenringAster Oval Ring

Aster Oval Ring

From €840,00
Peculiar Tiara BandPeculiar Tiara Band

Peculiar Tiara Band

From €860,00
Petite Linear BandPetite Linear Band

Petite Linear Band

From €355,00
Verlobungsring mit laborgezüchtetem Pear-DiamantDiamantring mit Tropfenschliff

Petite Pear Ring

From €440,00
Hava Round Tri RingHava Round Tri Ring

Hava Round Tri Ring

From €1.900,00

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High-quality platinum jewellery from Pukka Berlin

Elegant creations for eternity

The most beautiful day in a couple's life is their wedding day. But before that happens, an engagement ring is needed for the perfect proposal. Whether it's set with a single diamond or several brilliant-cut diamonds, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our range. For a dainty style, you will find the Ainara Round Ring and the Caress Round Ring in our collection. Both rings have the classic style of an engagement ring combined with a comfortable feel, making them the perfect companion for the big question. Is the trend going more in the eye-catching direction? True to the motto "more is more"? Then we also have the right choice for you. With our Hyacinth Cushion Halo Micro Ring you get a platinum piece of jewellery in a class of its own. Nestled next to the central 0.2 carat halo diamond are additional diamonds along the ring band. With this ring, you are buying a ladies' ring that has been grown entirely in the laboratory.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



Trends in the platinum jewellery range

Discover our new additions to the platinum world now. In addition to the Petite Emerald necklace, there is also the Petite Pear necklace. Both platinum necklaces testify to high quality at fair prices and for this reason are also part of our Lab line. With its radiant shine, the 0.16ct Lab-grown pear-cut diamond transforms the Petite Pear necklace into an accessory for eternity. As a combination artist and for the perfectly harmonious look, we recommend the matching ear studs and ring. Order the right jewellery for every occasion in our online shop. All wearers can nestle in 95% purity and strut through everyday life with sparkle. Discover our selection and feel at home - we look forward to seeing you!

frequently asked questions

Platinum is about 30 times rarer than gold and thus a very rare raw material that can only be found in selected places on earth. It takes almost eight weeks before only 31 grams of platinum remain after 10 tonnes of ore have been mined. In comparison, only three tonnes of ore are mined for gold to obtain 31 grammes. This therefore shows the big price jump from jewellery made of gold to jewellery made of platinum. Moreover, platinum is chemically denser and therefore heavier.

Jewellery that contains at least 50 % platinum is usually stamped. The stamp tells you how pure your jewellery is. An example would be a stamp marked "plat850" or "pt850", which means that your jewellery is 85% pure. At Pukka Berlin, we use 950 platinum, which is the highest form of purity commonly used for jewellery.

If you choose platinum jewellery from Pukka Berlin, you will receive a uniform 950 platinum alloy. This is the highest alloy of platinum that is usually used in jewellery. We place great value on quality and want you to have a long-lasting piece of jewellery as a companion in all situations.

Impacts are often unavoidable in everyday use, but with a platinum ring there is no significant loss of material. You get a piece of jewellery that remains permanently beautiful and is ideal as an heirloom for generations. Due to its harder material than gold, platinum scratches the surface relatively quickly, but this does not detract from the beauty of your piece of jewellery. In the long term, a piece of platinum jewellery can also be refreshed with a rhodium coating.