Grand Half Domed BandGrand Half Domed Band

Grand Half Domed Band

From €645,00
Diamantring mit versetzten Diamanten im Rund-Schliff am ModelStardust Diamantring in 14k Gelbgold

Stardust Band

From €495,00
Verlobungsring mit seitlichen Diamanten an BrautmodelStardust Ring inspiriert von Wüstenstaubkörnern

Stardust Round Ring

From €1.440,00
Grand Linear BandGrand Linear Band

Grand Linear Band

From €695,00
Medium Linear BandMedium Linear Band

Medium Linear Band

From €450,00
Piercing mit drei runden Diamantenminimalistisches Dreier Diamant Piercing

Grace Piercing

Aster Round RingAster Round Ring

Aster Round Ring

From €790,00
Arch Cross Round RingArch Cross Round Ring

Arch Cross Round Ring

From €850,00
Lily Six Prong RingLily Six Prong Ring

Lily Six Prong Ring

From €840,00
Piercing aus Gold mit natürlichen DiamantenVollgoldenes Diamantpiercing mit 2 Schliffen

Daisy Piercing


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Along with jewelry made of gold and silver, rose gold makes the perfect addition to your jewelry box. While silver tends to suit cool, paler skin tones and gold tends to suit tanned and darker ones, rose gold can be worn by anyone. However, rose gold can not only be worn by all skin tones, but also by all hair and eye colors. The reason for this is the coordination with extremely subtle, elegant and warm colors to other clothing or jewelry. However, because of the change in the composition of the materials, you don't have to worry about the rose gold color reducing the value of the gold. To maintain the soft, warm hue, a higher percentage of copper is simply added to the alloy,. In addition to the pure beauty of the material, this jewelry color is extremely combinable. It suits any outfit, and rose gold goes best with gray, pastel colors, beige or black. Are you still undecided which jewelry color suits you best? Then try it out and discover your style in our online store today.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin




The warm rose gold color can be found in all our collections. We take great care to set a special note with our unique pieces and the matching jewelry color. Not only our unique design and sustainable materials make our jewelry pieces very special, but our unique shade of rose gold color is also very special. Our jewelry contains a very subtle rose gold color because our copper content is lower. Thanks to our own jewelry manufacture, we can decide for ourselves how our alloys are composed. For this reason we can also respond to personal wishes and design your unique piece as you would like it.

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Rose gold is a highly debated jewelry color, yet it is impossible to imagine the jewelry world without it. The warm, delicate color perfectly rounds out the coolness of silver jewelry with the strong warm yellow gold. Likewise, we can no longer do without rose gold in our range. For this reason, you have the option to buy any of your favorite pieces in this timeless trend color as well. However, there is one recommendation from us when buying engagement and wedding rings. Consider together whether rosé as a ring color is something you would wear every day. Feel free to stop by the store for a consultation, or book a free virtual consultation with our experts today.

Rose gold is definitely an all-rounder. Not only can it be easily combined with silver and gold, but it also perfectly matches your skin tone as well as your outfit colors. Especially because of the less intense alloy, you can wear rose gold in any style. Whether sporty or elegant, with jewelry from Pukka Berlin you are always on the safe side!

Of course! Rose gold not only goes well with ladies, but also wonderfully with men and therefore also offers the perfect gift for men. In addition, rose gold in the intensity we use also fits all hair colors! This trendy color is often combinable and perfectly completes your outfit with a warm, trendy tone.