Model trägt Armband mit Lab Diamanten in Kesselfassung Goldarmband mit durchgängigen runden Lab Diamanten in Kesselfassung

Bezel Tennis Bracelet

From €2.590,00
Goldarmband mit Lab Diamanten, die mittig größer verlaufen Model trägt Armband mit Lab Diamanten, die zentral größer verlaufen

Bezel Half Tennis Bracelet

From €1.590,00
Nahaufnahme von Lab Diamantarmband, das von Model getragen wird Goldkettenarmband mit Lab Diamanten in Rundschliff die mittig größer verlaufen
Model trägt Armabnd mit Lab Diamanten in verschiedenen Schliffformen Goldkettenarmband mit Lab Diamanten in unterschiedlichen Schliffen

Fancy Half Tennis Bracelet

From €2.550,00
Tri Lily Tennis BraceletTri Lily Tennis Bracelet

Tri Lily Tennis Bracelet

From €2.390,00
Lily Tennis BraceletLily Tennis Bracelet Gelb

Lily Tennis Bracelet

From €1.990,00

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We are happy to advise you on buying diamonds, work with you to design your individual piece of jewelry and offer you IGI or GIA certificates.

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Tennis bracelet by Pukka Berlin

Diamonds cultivated in the laboratory

The gemstones used in our tennis bracelets are lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are chemically and physically almost identical to natural diamonds. Our cultivated diamonds are processed fair and sustainable and it comes with an affordable gemstone. Another advantage is that lab grown diamonds are on average more flawless and they sparkle more intensively since they grow in a controlled environment.
Our sustainable lab grown diamond jewelries are produced climate-neutral. If you still prefer natural diamonds, you can certainly order it on request. One thing is guaranteed: our bracelets for women and men, whether with natural or with laboratory cultivated diamonds, are absolutely an eye-catcher.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



Sustainable jewelry

Our lab grown diamonds are produced CO2-neutral in our own manufacturer in Bombay. Since we are responsible for the entire manufacturing process from the design to the finished piece of jewellery ourselves, we can promise you the highest quality standards with fair manufacturing and at affordable prices. In this way we strive consistently for sustainable production; our gold is approximately 100% recycled. Our credo is to produce jewelry that does not last just one season but is very high-quality and long-lasting.
Due to these factors, our products are significantly more sustainable than the current standard. Our jewels undergo strict quality tests before you buy them. We carefully check all our jewellery by hand to make sure we do not make any mistakes during the manufacturing process. In such cases, the piece of jewellery is modified and re-tested or melted, recycled and reused for a new piece. All Pukka Berlin products include a one year guarantee.

frequently asked questions

This name was created in fact on the tennis court. In 1987 Chris Evert wore a diamond bracelet on an important tennis match. However, during the match Chris Evert's bracelet slipped off her wrist. Chris stopped the game and she persuaded the whole crew to take a break during the match and they searched for it until they found it. Since then this has made a lasting impression on the Tennis bracelet. And don’t worry: We will adapt our tennis bracelets to fit your wrist perfectly.

We offer two different kinds of settings. The Lily version with four prongs and the modern design Tri Lily with three prongs holding the individual diamonds.
Thanks to the high incidence of light the diamond will shine even more than usual.
Normally we offer single-piece tennis bracelets with only one set of diamonds. However, it is certainly possible to arrange a wider and multi-piece bracelet with a double diamond setting. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Our Lily Tennis bracelet and the Tri Lily Tennis bracelet are available in the size of 17.5 cm.
We would gladly help you create the perfect size. Just let us know your desired size when you order your bracelet. The tennis bracelet is usually worn a little bit more loosely. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.