Lab Line

Grown to Perfection

Grown and artisanally cut, exuding elegance and timelessness.

The 5 C's of a diamonds selection

Our lab-grown diamonds are hand-crafted to perfection by our own experts in just a few weeks. We continue to offer you both natural and lab-grown diamonds. What is your choice?

lab linie
lab linie

Sustainable yet fairly priced

LGDs allow us to bring down the price of owning a diamond, while reducing the carbon footprint.
lab linie ring

Unique yet attainable

Our LGDs always come in an excellent VS | G+ quality.
lab linie ring

Better value for money

We give you a IGI or GIA certificate at no extra cost starting at .50ct.
lab line set ohrringe
lab line set ohrringe

Eclectic yet minimal

Our designs embody this philosophy with the cleanest settings to enhance the diamonds.

Flawlessly grown by us

Our diamonds crystals are engineered to be brighter and whiter in the safest of environments, grown under the watchful eyes of scientists. Then crafted to perfection by our own expert artisans in safe and equitable environments, our diamonds merge the best of technology and expertise to create unique beauties for you.

Personal appointment?

We'd love to give you a free advice personally, take your customization request, design your individual piece or offer you GIA or IGI certificates. Book an appointment with us.


Our size guide will help you find the perfect size for our jewelry. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


Our Bridal pieces come with a free engraving and resizing. Either directly with us or at your lokal jeweler.


Unsere Diamanten glänzen heller, da wir sie intern schleifen. Dabei ist jeder Diamant ein Unikat, ihre Qualität hängt von 4 C's ab.