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Get your playful version of a personal signet ring. Choose your unique ceramic colour for a personalised signet ring. Minimalistic yet funky. Originally designed with intent to be family sigil and depict an individual's identity, Signet Rings have always been a personal and custom affair. Our ceramic signet ring is fluxional and smooth, elevating the metallic material. Who said heirlooms need to be boring? Candy your hand this summer!

Colour: Rose

Das Stück ist vergriffen und wird für dich in 4-7 Wochen handgefertigt. Dein Rückgaberecht besteht weiterhin.

Please follow the instructions on the right side to determine your ring size and compare the result to our ring size table above. Make sure that the string is adequately positioned on your finger, since ring sizes are a matter of millimeters. Alternatively, please print our ring size guide below and follow the instructions provided. Please contact us in case of any doubt.

Alternatively, follow our instructions, which you can download here (PDF). Please remember to contact us in case of doubt before ordering.

Our ring sizes are based on EU ring sizes. The chart below will help you determine your ring size according to country standards. Please keep in mind that fingers may be swollen in a hot environment and may be slightly thinner in a cold environment. Additionally, we recommend a tighter fit for rings with an unbalanced weight distribution, such as engagement rings with a crown, to prevent the ring from twisting. Likewise, thin rings require a smaller size than thick rings.

Größentabelle für Ringe

Germany: 2-3 Business days

EU: 2-4 Business days

USA: 6-8 Business days

Canada: 6-8 Business days

Africa, Asia, Oceania: 14-19 Business days

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